List of Small Business Software and Tools

Small Business Software and Tools

When it comes to running a small business, having the right tool can make a huge difference in your working. Making a decision to purchase software can be one of the most difficult parts of running a small business.

Deciding which software is best for you can be a tedious task. The key factor is, choosing the right tool from a plethora of options, right when your small business needs it.


That’s why to help you we created this list of software and other resources which streamline the various process for you. All the mentioned software offers various plans which you can upgrade as per the requirement.

Go ahead- jump to whichever section you need a solution for.

Accounting & BookKeeping

ZipBooks- This online accounting software offers several plans, including a free one. It is easy and simple to use specifically designed for small businesses.

Wave- It is free to use and offers many of the same features as paid accounting software. It also includes accounting, invoicing, payroll, and more.

SlickPie- Cloud-based accounting software especially for freelancers and very small businesses. Features include bank notification, automatic past due reminders, and many more.

CloudBooks- It serves basic functionalities of accounting software and also tracks expenses. It is an invoice creation software, estimates, time tracking, client management, project management and more.

GnuCash- It is free accounting software for small businesses that manage your finance. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Hubspot CRM- It offers a completely free version of its CRM which offers you all the basic features provided by CRM software. It is customizable and offers several integration options.

Insightly- It is CRM and Lead Management software, one of the top voted choices among smaller businesses. It is customizable and can easily integrate with several apps.

Zoho CRM- Easy to implement, intuitive to use and inexpensive to adopt, Zoho CRM offers users lots of functionality at a competitive price.

Nimble- It’s interface is very easy to use, it is perfect for those who are looking to combine contacts, emails, and social media interactions.

Agile CRM- It focuses on three main areas: sales enablement, marketing automation, and customer service. It offers features like custom appointments, drag-and-drop marketing automation and report via email.

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Email Marketing Softwares

SendinBlue- It is one of the leading transactional email services and it is specially built for small-medium size businesses.

SendPluse It is an integrated solution that provides bulk email, bulk text messages, and web push notification. It is easy to design an email with drag and drop editor, along with 130+ pre-designed templates.

Zoho Campaign- Its free plan includes advanced features like A/B testing, reports, templates, etc. You can also easily integrate it with other products like Zoho CRM, G Suite.

iContact- It is a marketing automation tool that comes with an advanced email marketing solution. It is all in one tool, simple and high-quality integration for Salesforce customers.

MailerLite It is one of the growing and cheapest email marketing tools. This tool is perfect for beginners and for people to want to keep their email marketing simple.

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Website Building Tool

WeeblyIt is one of the cost-effective website builders, it comes with drag and drop options through which one can easily design a website.

Duda- It is an easy website builder solution for small businesses that especially focuses on creating responsive mobile sites. It has a clear interface, social media integration, and great built-in site analysis.

Squarespace- It is not the cheapest website builder tool but offers lots of functionality at an affordable price like SSL certificate, website analysis, etc.

Yola- It is a web-based tool for small businesses that want the easiest way to build a website. It required no coding or technical expertise to use this tool.

Jimdo- It provides an easy to use interface which makes site building easy. As a result, enables users to create free, mobile-friendly HTML sites.

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Live Chat Software

Zendesk- You get a complete live chat support solution with customer support. It also offers real-time chat, advanced analytics, and AI-powered chatbots to automate the chat process.

SnapEngageIt offers live chat service to businesses of all sizes but its capability to integrate with other software HubSpot, Salesforce makes it a good option for small businesses.

MyLiveChatIt is a fast and user-friendly live chat tool that provides a forever free plan with unlimited chats and customer interaction.

OlarkIt is another prominent live chat software that offers wide range features to help SMB owners to customize chat window and engage in real-time.

Live ChatIt offers a fully-featured live chat solution that you can use on your desktop, tablet, and on a mobile phone. It is easy to install with their free LiveChat plugin for WordPress.

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These are five categories of software and soon I will come with another list of categories. Meanwhile, your valuable suggestions are most welcome. If you have any suggestion do comment in the comment section.


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