LinkedIn Tools For Small Business

LinkedIn Tools

Do you know LinkedIn has more than 550M professional and it is the number one platform for lead generation?

LinkedIn is a great platform to network with other business owners. It is a go-to platform to connect with working professionals.


It is one of the leading platforms to generate leads, drive website traffic, and leverage content marketing successfully.

Have you ever wonder what makes LinkedIn different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and why do businesses focus or need to focus on LinkedIn?

Well, unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers the number of tools that help small businesses to build their brand, generate leads, make LinkedIn marketing simpler, make sales and even recruit the right candidate.

Over the years, the plethora of LinkedIn tools for business has been introduced that help in improving networking and marketing efforts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best LinkedIn tools that can help you drive better results from your marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator


If you want to use LinkedIn to boost sales then the sales navigator is the right tool for you. It is an advanced tool that helps you find and target relevant people and companies.

It also makes you track key leads easily, and contact and engage with potential clients.

LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Tools

A LinkedIn company page is a medium to promote your product and build connections with the peer, leads, prospects, customers, and job seekers.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Tools

If your business offers more than one product/service then the LinkedIn showcase page is one of the best tools for you. It enables you to create a page to advertise each product/service separately.

Rather than including all the offering in your company’s profile/page, you can use Showcase Pages as extensions of your company’s page. Links to your showcase pages appear in the right column of your company page:

LinkedIn for Small business

LinkedIn describes its approach to small business:

“It is much more than a social site. It’s a community of professionals – in a business mindset – that’s waiting to hear from you.”

LinkedIn for Small business helps to form and deepen professional relations into three steps:

  • Showcase your expertise by building an authentic business profile that describes your brand story.
  • Boost your company’s brand by telling about your business’s story – it’s aim, culture, and history
  • Connect with targeted audiences, build and engage with an online professional network.
LinkedIn Elevate

LinkedIn Tools

It empowers employees to share content with their network. LinkedIn Elevate works on the three principle Curate, Share and, Measure.

First, get a content suggestion from the industry. Second, it enables employees to share content on various social media platforms. Third, get an analysis of how employees’ content sharing drives the result.

Some other tools which you can look up to:

LinkedIn has evolved as one of the most useful platforms for businesses. With its capability to build a connection (especially B2B) and drive sales LinkedIn has come a long way. The best way to make the most of it is to try out its tools and applications.

If you are using any other LinkedIn tools that helped you in your business growth, please share them with us in the comments box.


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