LinkedIn Improves Member Productivity by Adding Contextual Prompts

LinkedIn Improves Member Productivity

LinkedIn has updated its Help Center tool to boost the personalized experience, enabling users to get help faster.

Despite having a wealth of customized content, members are still faced with a problem when they need help. They must stop what they’re doing and go to the Help Center to find an answer. To address this problem, we gave ourselves a challenge. Can we bring the Help Center to members instead of bringing members to the Help Center?- LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has designed a new process that will show the right content based on the context. For example, if a user is in the feed and he/she go to Help Center, the Help will highlight the most relevant items about the feed. If a user in Recruiter, he/she will see the top Recruiter queries, etc.

It enables the users to get the information they need in order to resolve their issues.

LinkedIn says that it addresses a few key areas of concern. It should streamline the Help process, and enable users to get answers without having to go through to a whole new section.

LinkedIn Improves Member Productivity

LinkedIn has been making an improvement to deliver a more satisfying experience to its users.

According to Microsoft Q1 2019 report, “LinkedIn revenue increased 33% (up 33% in constant currency) with record levels of engagement highlighted by LinkedIn sessions growth of 34%.”

“At present, we have ramped this feature to all members who have their language set to English.

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Future rollouts include extending the feature to other languages and to native mobile platforms, as well as to other LinkedIn products such as Recruiter and Sales Navigator.”


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