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Since the world has turned into the digital era, the growth of online marketing is enormous. Even e-Commerce selling and purchasing have become a part of our daily life activity. Every industry has already welcomed digital technology with both hands open. Many people are making living with the help of e-Commerce platforms by making their seller account on such platforms. Amazon is being the number 1 retailer in online marketing.

Since 2000, Amazon has been a great resource for individuals and businesses to sell online and make money. Amazon says, up to 40% of the unit sales on Amazon are made from the third-party selection. You need to choose a good plan for selling the products. Go for the Professional package(recommended) or as an individual.

In this article, I am sharing a few splendid tips on how to sell on Amazon.

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  • Register as a Professional Seller

You must register yourself as a professional seller. There are a few demerits associated with the individual plan. It is highly recommended that if you are looking forward to long-lasting sales, then you must go for a pro seller. With individual seller, you need pay to Amazon 15% of the commission with $0.99 per sale. Although with a pro seller, the fee is $39.95 and you just need to pay the 15% of the commission on per sale. This saves you a lot of money on fees.

Also as a pro seller, you are allowed to create listings for products that are not currently being sold on Amazon. On the other hand, Amazon has several restricted categories like Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, etc. where only pro sellers are allowed to sell. To register a brand, you need to be a pro seller with Amazon to protect it.

  • Always sell with FBA

FBA is an acronym for Fulfillment By Amazon. Amazon built this one of the advanced networks in the world, benefitting the businesses as well. This is a program where you give all your merchandise into Amazon. You store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and they handle all the customer service, communications, returns, and refunds. It can simply double your sales as this is Amazon’s expertise. Certainly, it charges you high but you can’t overlook the great profits they make for you. Also, you save a lot of time and energy and invest much time in other things like product research and sourcing.

  • Win the Buy Box to Boost Sales

It is the box on the detail page where customers make a purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. According to Amazon, over 78% of all sales are made through the buy box, so winning the buy box is crucial to your success. To achieve this box, there are certain steps and tips that you need to follow like you need to make the maximum the sales to increase your visibility among the customers. Make the lowest pricing as compared with your competitor sellers. If required, offer free shipping.


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  • Obey All Rules

Amazon has many rules and regulations to maintain the decorum and algorithm that it has made. It is necessary to go through the policies that it has made. Amazon is very strict with its policies and you must follow them. You just need to log into your seller account and then you can have access to the overall Amazon policy agreement.

  • Describe Your Product Accurately

Do not use overwhelming and false descriptions for your products. Use relevant and genuine description. Avoid the part which can you can think can deliver negative feedback. The customer may notice that there is a difference between the description of your product and the actual product then they may deliver negative comments and feedback which can incur you a huge loss.

  • Keep up to Date

You need to update the pricing of your product on a regular basis. Keep checking the competitor’s pricing and update your pricing accordingly. Be competitive. Do realize that Amazon is not “Set & Go” platform. Always answer to the comments that you are receiving from the customers and appreciate their feedback. Be quick in responding to the comments and answer customer queries.

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