Is your Email Marketing not working as you planned? Try this

email marketing result

Are you not getting the email marketing result as you thought. You need to redesign your email marketing strategy.

The commonly seen practice followed by small business or startup in email marketing is just sending out emails even if they want sales or signup in return.

We all have that one friend that calls only when he/she need something. The feeling is not quite good, right? And this is exactly how customer feel when you are only asking them to buy.

By sending emails that only try to sell, you are doing a big blunder. Because your contact can easily become fatigued with this type of communication, lose interest and at the end, you will not get the success as you wished.

Instead, send drip emails on a regular basis and balance sales emails with content that provide value to your customers.

What ‘valuable content’ is?

Valuable content is a piece of information that is helpful for your customer and that relates to your business, including your services, products, and industry. This content should be offered without expecting anything in return while also open an opportunity to buy if they desire.

Here are some examples of emails that would provide valuable content:

  • A car manufacturing company could create a content on how to keep your car engine healthy.
  • A dog grooming company could create a guide on how to de-stress your puppy.
  • A gym could provide you with a guide on your diet.

In your email marketing, content should complement your marketing strategy. When your sales email is twin with valuable and relevant content then there is much higher chance of an increase in sales (without actually pitching for it), along with building trust and a good relationship.

Do not believe in this email marketing misconception

One of the misconceptions marketer have is they need to send an email when they want to boost a sale. You need to keep yourself at top of your customer mind otherwise you risk them forgetting who you are if you don’t send emails at a certain frequent interval.

Consistency will set a good path for your email marketing result/performance. Use marketing automation software like to schedule your emails ahead of time.

When you communicate with your customer on a regular basis and especially when those communications provide valuable content, you’ll be viewed as a reliable source of knowledge to your audience.

They’ll start to expect more content from your side once you establish a regular cadence and will become more engaged with you, boosting traffic and revenue organically.

Get the result you’ve always wondered for

The simple logic is, if you balance your sales emails with relevant content on regular basis, you will get the positive result you have been hoping for all long. By doing so they think of you first when they need product/service you deal in with.


Usually, marketers miss out small thing in a vogue of concentrating on major things but if you want to succeed in email marketing you have to give attention to every minute thing.


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