Is Marketing Automation Beneficial for Manufacturers

Marketing Automation for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies have been looking to automate their working for years. Whether it’s to manage the front and back office processes or to track customer relationship with a CRM.

Marketing automation has been driving the improvement to the manufacturing industry. With automation technology, manufacturers have the opportunity to improve their sales and marketing processes.


You must be wondering how marketing automation would be effective for manufacturing industry? Let get you through this.

In such a competitive and technology-driven marketplace, there is less time for labor-intensive techniques. Especially there’s no time for labor incentive marketing method such as direct mail, one-to-one marketing, printed brochures, etc,.

We are not saying these are not effective altogether but if manufacturer’s want to stay in the competition you have to adopt a new digital marketing strategy for sales and marketing programs.

In order to increase revenue manufacturing company have to create a brand strategy that differentiates their product from their competitors’ product. In fact, with the right tool manufacturing companies are landing quotes requests from their emails but a lack of proper marketing resources preventing manufacturers from achieving these goals.

According to Aberdeen, companies that are using marketing automation improves lead conversions 107%, have a greater average deal size of 40%, have a 20% higher attainment quota and 17% better forecast accuracy.

Here are some of the ways, manufacturing companies can be benefited from marketing automation.

CRM Integration

Integrating marketing automation software with CRM enables you to learn more about your customers. This allows you to align your marketing and sales team and eliminates the manual processes of doing so. Integrating CRM with your marketing automation software makes it easier to share the data and information across all business units.

Understanding buyer personality

Once you know about your buyer’s persona, their expectation, their need & demand, accordingly you can create an ideal strategy and specific campaign to convert your lead into a buyer.

Manufacturers may have different buyer personas so it’s important to remember that even with B2B sales you are selling to a person. Therefore, you need to personalize your campaign to target your buyers more effectively. Marketing automation tracks engagement activity to help to get a better understanding of buyers.


With marketing automation, marketers of manufacturing industry can use forms, contents, to collect lead information. It can determine their buying behavior and challenges facing by them. With this information, you can create a personalized campaign that helps to overcome these challenges.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring ensures that your sales team gets more qualified leads. It is a process to give a certain score to leads based on their position in the sales funnel or based on the actions taken by them.

Analyses and Reporting

Analyzing and tracking your marketing effort able you to polish your marketing strategies better. Marketing automation provides manufacturers with detailed analyses and report of their marketing campaigns so that you get to know what is working and where improvement required.

Measuring ROI

Every businessman wants to get maximum return on their investment and so do manufacturer. Getting and measuring return on investment is one of the challenges for a manufacturer.

One simply cannot measure the return one is getting from a trade show or print campaign. However with the help of analysis one can get to know what return they are getting from each marketing campaign.


Still, there’s a lot of effort required in the manufacturing industry to fully utilize marketing automation. With better and more dedicated technology, a manufacturer can spend more time on the floor rather than focusing on marketing and advertising strategies.

With automation tool, you get rid of keeping up with paperwork, stuffing envelopes for direct mail campaigns, etc.

Marketing automation is a path that improves efficiency and helps drive campaign and communication in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization.


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