Is Automation Can Be Effective for Wealth Manager

Whatever industry you work in, being a successful professional doesn’t only required giving a good result for your clients/customers but it also means creating the best customer experiences, same is with Wealth Manager.

Being a successful wealth manager, you require to deliver the best customer experience possible along with producing great financial results for your clients.

In a highly competitive industry, it’s what discerning customers have come to expect. As a result, it’s critical for not only expanding existing relationship but also acquiring new ones.

The problem in every business/industry is nurturing the existing relationships and forging new ones can take up a lot of time. For wealth managers, one of the most time-consuming activities is to search and draft the various types of content and reports for their prospect/customer.

The content of wealth manager client includes custom reports (for client review meetings), collateral material or educational content which usually they create to educate new clients and at the time of the onboarding process.

Is Wealth Manager Using Their Time Wisely?

The source for a wealth manager to nurture customer relationship is collateral, educational materials, and performance report. They demonstrate the value that wealth manager can bring by sharing insights into the market, providing advice about investment portfolios, answering client queries.

Unfortunately, producing or creating these materials manually is a time-consuming process. Studies have shown that wealth managers spend up to 31 percent of their time either creating or searching content for their clients. Apart from time-consuming, it is also a tedious part of the job.

There are other tasks which wealth manager has to do like sourcing new clients, nurturing the existing one, retaining the old clients, expanding their network, and providing customer satisfaction at par so that they refer you to their network and you get new business.

Instead of creating content manually, it is wise to spend time on client review meetings and completing them faster. It put a greater impact on their existing clients while having time to seek out other clients.

So how do wealth manager do all of this work without devoting maximum time to content creation? The answer is automation.

Set your wealth manager free

Tasks that are time-consuming work as a hinder for a wealth manager to perform other high-value tasks and content creation considered as a tedious and time-consuming task.

  • With the right automation tool, it’s easy to automate content related work that otherwise wealth manager have to do manually. In fact, it allows to find and create customized content with the click in a short span of time.
  • You can set some condition on your automation tool to curate relevant content for you (according to client requirement) and put them in one place or different folder (as per your requirement).
  • Use automation tool to segment your clients based on certain pre-defined conditions, which help you to nurture them with more customized content.
  • Automation tool also creates reports from where your clients can easily access their work or being a wealth manager you can see the reports of your work.
  • As automation tool can curate all the latest and relevant content, it helps you to give advice on financial management keeping the current trend in mind.
  • Growing assets under management (AUM) is not always easy but marketing automation makes it easy. For example, when a prospect visits your website (financial institution’s website) and signs up for an educational newsletter, you can offer related content that leads to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Increase in AMU increases the revenue for wealth manager. The bottom line is that to be effective in wealth management, you’ve got to find ways to work smarter. Automating the creation of critical pieces of content is an easy and effective way to do just that. To find out more about how automation can help your business to focus on building client relationships, directly reach to us


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