IP and Domain Reputation.How it effects email deliverability?

With the increase in technologies we have advanced email marketing with progressing strategies. But in this one factor always played a major role and that is your email reputation. Email reputation is important for email deliverability as well as for your brand’s core. As it tells that whether your emails provide value for both new and old customers. And it checks that whether your email constantly being flagged as spam. Or your sending email address ending up on any blacklists. Email reputation is further divided into 2 categories:-

IP Reputation

IP reputation signifies IP addresses that send unwanted emails. Volume and frequency of the emails sent from the IP address. They play a key role in determining your IP’s reputation. Firstly, establishing an IP reputation is deciding what kind of IP you want to use: shared or dedicated. A shared IP is one that is used by several other companies or senders. Whereas, a dedicated IP is one that is owned and operated by one company or sender. Each provides a different approach in developing an IP reputation.

Domain Reputation

Domain reputation is responsible for the domain attached to your email sending behavior. Switching IPs doesn’t affect your domain reputation if you are sending emails from the same domain. Two ways to help Internet Service Providers perceive your reputation as more trustworthy. And that is to implement Sender Policy Framework (SPF), a simple open-source email validation system. And DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) lets an organization take responsibility for a message that is in transit. Both of these helps in establishing identifiers for your sending domain.

The factor that affects the email deliverability is as follows:-

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  • Poor list quality:- Ensure that your email contacts are verified as maintaining a high quality subscriber list will increase your deliverability chances.
  • Negative sender reputation:– Maintaining a positive sender reputation is very important for the success of your email program. As it indicates the authentication of an email sender’s IP address and sending domain.
  • High complaint rates:- In email marketing, you must ensure that you are sending relevant emails to the people who want to receive them. And if by chance you aren’t then you are opening yourself to subscriber complaints. The more subscriber complaints you receive, the worse the email deliverability will be.
  • Getting listed on a blacklist:- Make sure that your IP address and domain reputation is clean and not blacklisted.

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