Introduction to Chatbots

Introduction to Chatbots

A chatbot is a computer program that can interact with your human customers in a natural language. With Use AIML (artificial intelligence markup language) to convey knowledge and allow people to communicate with electronic media as if they were talking to a real person. Here we will have a brief Introduction to Chatbots.

Introduction to Chatbots

Why are Chatbots Important for Customer Support?

  • Support in cutting the cost of a support team.
  • To provide consistent services to customers.
  • Chatbots ensure that customers should find an answer instantly.
  • Visitors can self-serve with a chatbot, helping them to get rapid answers to their questions and complete common tasks without having to wait.
  • Helps you to capture super targeted leads in half the time.
  • Improve capacity: website can be available 24 hours a day for customers support.
  • Chatbots help to reduce the error rate.

Top 5 Chatbot Development Tools?

  • Tidio
  • Chatfuel
  • Manychat
  • Mobilemonkey
  • Hubspot

Why Are Chatbots Trending Now?

After their introduction, Chatbots are trending because Messenger marketing now incorporates chatbots. Millennial’s, who make up the largest client base, value providing a user-friendly and communicating better with the use of chatbots.


More and more sectors are developing innovative apps to automate their business operations, owing to chatbot trends. They’re being used by a variety of industries to provide outstanding customer service and a pleasant experience.

One of the most well-known examples of artificial intelligence is chatbots. They’re useful in a business since they automate several areas of customer service, saving time and effort.

Role of a Chatbot

After their introduction to the digital industry, chatbots are playing a key role in increasing productivity and completing tasks. When a customer asks a question about a chatbot, the purpose of the chatbot is to provide information. It is primarily used to get assistance and information.

By consistently interacting with customers, chatbots play a crucial role in lead generation.

Importance of Chatbots


Chatbot Increases your lead capturing and conversions by providing better customer service. In the current era, the introduction of these chatbots has changed the whole scenario as they ensure that your visitors have a positive experience and they receive the information they require.

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