Email marketing is a form of direct marketing where a business uses email to promote their product and services for the growth of their business. In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about email marketing.

Interesting Facts About Email Marketing

Email Has the Largest Reach

Do you know that email is the widest marketing channel?   There are over 3.8 billion email users worldwide, and this number is expected to grow to 4.4 billion users in 2023.


Email Marketing Has Highest ROI

Research has pointed out that an email marketing campaign has a higher return on investment (ROI) rate than any other digital marketing channel.

Data and Marketing Association stated that email marketing ROI is over £42 for every pound you spend, a number that grew compared to the previous report in 2017. The email ROI has shot up from £32 (2017) to £42 (2018).

Email Marketing has the Highest Customer Retention Rates

For many years, marketers have ranked email as the best channel for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention. Email marketing has the highest customer retention rate. According to Emarsys, 81% of SMBs still choose email as their primary customer acquisition channel.  

Email Increases Online Sales

Also from Omnisend – The absolute best day to send emails is the first of the month.

Sending 3 automated emails can lead to 90% more online orders compared to single emails, as claimed by Omnisend, an e-commerce marketing automation platform.

It’s estimated that 81% of American online shoppers are more likely to shop -either online or in stores- as a result of what they read in an email. 

Email Marketing is Versatile and Mobile

When done well, an email marketing campaign is attractive and has positive reactions that ultimately become sales.

Depending on the content you’re managing and your brand’s needs, 53% of the emails are opened on mobile devices. You can include pictures, featured videos, or videos created in your email marketing using tools such as slideshow maker.

Pay special attention to responsiveness and that the videos are optimized to display correctly on mobile devices because. If not, visitors will be looking elsewhere. According to Scientia Mobile and Google Study, 53% of consumers abandon content not displaying fast enough, and all your previous efforts will be doomed.

Email Is the Most Preferred Platform for Digital Marketing

According to eTargetMedia, email marketing is moving towards personalization and interactive content.

This means information isn’t just going one way but also coming back at the right time Accenture’s research shows that 91% of consumers prefer brands that remember who they are, recognize their interests, and offer recommendations that are relevant to them personally.

Subscribers Open Emails Based On The Preview Text

That’s right a subject line alone might not do the trick to get your subscribers to click open.

Preview or preheader contains 100 characters of an email’s content. Which subscribers can directly see in their inbox without opening the email.

Many Email Subscribers Report Emails as Spam Based Solely on the Subject Line.

Yes, according to a report by Invesp, 69% of email recipients will mark an email as spam WITHOUT EVEN OPENING IT.

In another survey by OptinMonster, 54% of respondents reported that they have felt cheated, tricked, by opening a promotional email based on the subject line.

Personalized Subject Lines Have 50% Higher Open Rates.

Maintaining a personal approach in your subject line, like addressing people by their first names, remembering their birthday, etc. goes a long way. Personalization helps in getting higher open rates.


As we know there are countless benefits of email marketing. However, it all comes down to how you use it. Not all email marketing campaigns are successful. But these interesting facts about email marketing will help you in planning your email marketing strategy.




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