Infusionsoft Rebrands as Keap

Infusionsoft Rebrands as Keap

Infusionsoft an email marketing, marketing automation and, CRM software is now known as Keap.

With the rebrand, it has launched a new product named Keap; smart client management software, built specifically for small businesses.


It is specifically designed to attract a large market of small home-based businesses and the professional & personal service industry as well.

Keap targets small businesses like business consulting, fitness industry, and automates certain tasks like scheduling appointments, follow up leads, collecting payments, etc.

It does this by intelligently prompting the user when and how to follow-up with personal and professional communication that convert leads into customer easily and quickly.

Brent Leary (Managing Partner, CRM Essentials) said-

“Rebranding InfusionSoft to Keap and launching a separate, simplified product aimed at a bigger pool of smaller businesses with different needs to their traditional customer base is a big undertaking. It couples reaching a new customer audience with one message while addressing concerns of current customers who may feel the shift in branding signals a potential change in the products and services they’ve grown accustomed to,” he wrote in an email. “It will take a great deal of effort for Keap to attract new customers at scale for the new product while retaining current customers for the long  haul.”

“We’ll continue to lead the CRM and marketing automation industry with exciting updates coming this year with what we are now calling Infusionsoft by Keap,” says Keap COO Keith Reed.

He further added, “With the introduction of our new Keap product, we are able to serve an even larger market of small service providers who have been shut out of the benefits of automation because software providers have made it too hard and expensive.”

In a press release Keap CEO Clate Mask provide some statistics- “We discovered small service providers waste time juggling five to seven tools just to book appointments, send communications, provide quotes or collect payments. That is 50 hours a month that could be spent servicing more clients, growing the business or at home with family.”

Leary had a few words on the new venture and its future working.

“Keap will have to accelerate its efforts to gain the traction they need to scale up customers for the new product.  It took them 15 years to reach the 200K user mark. With more competition from a variety of directions, they will have to take a different approach than what they’ve done in the past in order to scale up their customer acquisition activities to reach the “millions of users” goal they want to grow to.”

About Keap

Keap pioneered the CRM and marketing automation industry for small businesses. Today the company has over 200,000 users worldwide under its Infusionsoft and Keep the product.

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona with other offices in San Francisco and Atlanta. For more detail visit their official website. 


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