Increase Email Click-Through Rate Using Storytelling

Email Click-Through Rate

Gone are those days, when it used to be so easy to grab the attention of target audience through Email Campaigns. You would have a new product or an event to announce so you would craft up an email campaign and then checking click-through rate and sales come rolling in. But then it all changed. People’s attention span shorter, and the number of marketers messages competing for the same attention drastically went up.

In this article you will find how to increase your Email click-through rate using storytelling:


Stories can be able to increase click-through rate:

People when to hear stories, it activates their brain in ways no other communication can. It was found in the study done at the University of Washington in St. Louis, that whenever we pay attention while hearing a story or reading it we actually started living it.

So by telling stories in your email campaign to your target audience, make sure the story has to be sensible so that it could touch senses of your audience moreover do not forget to align the whole story with your product’s specification and you can make your audience to feel the pain which your product can solve and increase their desire to purchase.

Steps for crafting a great Story in your Email campaign:

Step-1 Show the World Before:
In the first part, you should paint a picture which reflects the reader’s world,
For example:
It used to be so easy to reach and engage with your target audience. There were a few forms of media and you could easily deliver your message to the masses.
Step-2 Drama:
In the second step, create a drama that should create a shift in the reader’s world.
For example:
But then it all changed. Your competitors started sending more Emails, posting more status updates and sending more tweets, and it became much harder to get your message heard through all the noise.
Step-3 Resolution:
In the final step, your goal is to show your audience how your product can be the solver to the drama and how their world can be good once again.
For example:
But by telling a great story in your Email campaign you can engage your target audience in a way nobody else is, helping you stand out above the noise and drive sales.

Key to Crafting an effective Story:

Knowing the pain points of the target audience which your product can solve them.
Hence, if you make your audience or readers to see themselves in the story and feel the pain points your product can solve, then the motivation to click-through from your Email campaign and the purchase of your product will be very high.


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