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Landing Pages

Landing Page!!

So you’ve got your leads, now it’s time to turn them into a customer. The question is how you’ll do this. Turning lead into a customer is not easy, it takes right strategy, tools, and content to turn them.


The landing page is marketing automation tool that help you to convert visitors into leads then leads into customers.

But sometimes landing pages fails to convert a prospect into a customer. Maybe your landing page is not as relevant as it is required to be due to lack of landing page content or lack of attractive content, etc,. However, it is crucial to figure out how to keep your leads engaged with them with a landing page.

Let’s look at some ways that take your conversions to the next level i.e. convert visitors into leads or leads into customers.

Effective Call-To-Action (CTA)

In order to increase your conversion rate and to get more leads you’ll need a superb call to action (CTA). If you made your reader to the landing page and you have communicated your offer well enough, then they are on board. But if your CTA is not strong, your offer or landing page will not work in your favor. Use action verbs, avoid passive language, create a sense of urgency are some tricks to make your CTA more effective.

Personalized Landing Page

Personalized landing pages takes you one step closer to the possibility of conversion. Customized content helps to design a landing page that resonated personally with each reader. People want to receive a message that is relevant to them otherwise they get frustrated when they get content that has nothing to do with them.

According to a study, leads who are nurtured with personalized content have higher chances to convert into a customer. You should plan in such a way that single page address multiple audiences based on their likes, dislikes, behaviors etc,.

Provide content based on their past behavior/visits/downloads in order to be more appropriate for your targeting.

Simple Form

Conversion rate increase if you reduce your form field from so many to few like from 11 to 4-5. The idea is to keep ‘form’ short and simple. The instructions and explanations should be clear and easy to follow instead of elaborated and complicated form that unwillingly push conversions away. Whether it is an online form or offline it is always advisable to keep the form as simple as possible so that people easily understand it.

Dynamic Content

Use of dynamic content in a landing page is one of the good ways to attract leads. Apart from form, call to action, marketers can use other dynamic tools to increase conversion rate such as e-books, newsletters, etc can be used to convert lead into a customer.

Now that you know what all is required to increase conversion rate create a killer landing page. Remember you are writing to serve the reader hence create a simple and relevant landing page.


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