For B2B or B2C service generate new leads and revenue for businesses through organic traffic is important.

Businesses know the importance of CMS (Content Management System). In existing virtual world, the CMS plays a very vital role in building a successful lead generation website.

Although through both these platforms (HubSpot And WordPress) one can manage, sort and edit your content assets. Still there is major difference in the approach of both these platforms.

Lets compare HubSpot Vs WordPress in detail – 

HubSpot is CRM (customer relationship manager) with feature of CMS Hub. This feature delivers personalized content for engaged contacts. It is a a full suite of inbound marketing tools and designed to assist companies to focus on generating leads and scale up growth. HubSpot is cloud-based which aligns sales and marketing teams. It cultivates sales, enhance ROI and assist to optimize marketing strategy to generate leads.

WordPress is a PHP based Content Management System (CMS) for making websites. It uses MySQL database and considered to be the easiest yet strongest website builder today. Primarily WordPress is a CMS with no other marketing tools that HubSpot offers, However there are plug-ins and integrations of third-party brands and developers. Customer uses these plug-ins as per their business requirements.


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