How to Write Follow-Up Emails?

How to Write Follow-Up Emails?

If someone does not respond it means they are not interested in the conversation. And you don’t want to bother them again. Perhaps, in digital marketing, this is not the case. What if a person was busy and have turned off the email notification. It is fine to remind him. In this blog, we will discuss how to write follow-up emails.

How long should you wait before sending the follow Up emails?

Before discussing how to write follow-up emails, lets discuss when one should send the same. The majority of emails are opened on the same day but it is advisable to wait for a couple of days before sending follow-up emails.


How to Write Follow Up Emails?

Add Context

How to write follow up email
How to write follow up email

Refresh the memory of the recipient by stating reference to the last sent email. This increases the chances for interaction as they know they have heard you before. Example:

  • Subject: Follow up- what you are thinking about?

Add value

Try to avoid lazy follow-up emails, Provide value every time when you interact with customers.

Why you’re contacting them?

Explain why are you writing a follow-up email. Just make your message clear what you want from them. For example, Opinion on a new product.

Include call-to-action

How to write follow up email
How to write follow up email

Many marketers make mistakes while creating CTA, Make your call-to-action clear. Tell the recipient, what do you want them to do?

Close your email

Close the email that both feel comfortable. Add phrases like:

  • Let me know about the product!
  • Speak soon?
  • looking forward to hearing from you!

What’s next

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Hope the above information will be useful and help you in achieving your marketing goals.


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