How To Write Email Pre-Header

How To Write Email Pre-Header

The email pre-header text is a small line of text that is visible just after the subject line in the email inbox. Email pre-headers provide a short summary of the content present in the email. Further, we will learn how to write an email pre-header.

How many characters should be there in a pre-header?

An average length of a pre-header is between 85 and 100 characters. According to reports, the average attention span of pre-header is about eight seconds. It is important to keep your pre-header short and attractive to ensure the subscriber must read it.

Write Email Pre-header For Success

The first thing that a subscriber read is the subject line, if the subject line they like then they probably read the pre-header. If they find it interesting they will open the email recipients. Thus preheader serves as a bridge between the subject line and the actual body or content of the email.

Write Email Pre-header
How to Write Email Pre-header

How To Write Email Pre-header

Let us focus on the following tips for writing an effective email pre-header

Build curiosity

Creating curiosity among subscribers is a good attempt in promoting an open rate.  The pre-header needs to build a sense of excitement for what the recipient will find if they open the email. Try to write good and intriguing content in this section.

Watch the word limit

Word limit changes from device to device, desktops have 100-150 characters but mobiles show only limited. Sticking under 55 words characters ensures that the preheader shows correctly on both mobile and desktop.

Support Subject Line

The subject line is the star of the email; the preheader provides strength to the subject line and drives subscribers to further open the email.

Never Repeat The Subject Line

Be creative and add new content to the field that is provided. Try to make the subject line more appealing and interesting with the text in your pre-header. Definitely never repeat the subject line itself.


What’s Next

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I hope the above blog on the topic of how to write an email pre-header must have cleared all doubts. A Well-crafted email pre-headers can increase the open rate, improve the relationship you have with your subscribers, and even result in more sales.


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