How To Win Back Lost Email Subscribers

How To Win Back Lost Email Subscribers

How to win back lost Email Subscribers? Email subscribers unsubscribe from the list all the time. It is not a bad thing. Subscribers feel bore when the same content is shared with them without any upgrade.

Why do email subscribers unsubscribe?

Let’s see what are the reasons why email subscribers unsubscribe your list:

  • Need is fulfilled and subscribers do not want more services/products.
  • People unsubscribe because many emails are not optimized for mobile phones.
  • Timing difference, the best way to find out the perfect time for your campaign is to conduct A/B testing.
  • Not sharing valuable content or information.

Steps to win back lost email subscribers

Consider the following steps to keep them subscribed:

  • Add some humor to the content in your emails. Humor and laughter create bond and encourage the subscribers. Most marketers don’t value this but when added it can do wonders.
  • It is advisable that never make subscribers re-enter their email address to unsubscribe. This will eventually frustrate them more and will provide them an even greater reason to continue with the unsubscribe process.
  • If possible ask the subscribers why they are unsubscribing your email list. Ask in the form of MCQs. This will help in formulating a new strategy.
  • Offer them some type of incentive to stay on your list.  Give them a special offer or coupon. Let them know that the bond is important and that you want to give them something for remaining as a subscriber.
  • Send fewer emails to the list which has the least open and engaged rate.
  • Always include a “thank you” in any type of unsubscribing communication to show that you value them.
  • Personalization is the key to success. It marks harder for subscribers to detach themselves from your communication. Use the individual’s name and mention some of their interests to show that you do understand them and do care that they’re leaving

What’s Next

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I hope the above blog on the topic of how to win back lost email subscribers must have cleared all doubts. Practicing the above-mentioned tips can help you in doing effecting email marketing.


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