How to Use LinkedIn Voice Messaging Feature

LinkedIn Voice Messaging

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn is purely a professional platform, specializing in connecting those who do business together, belongs to the same industry or is in the corporate world.

Recently, LinkedIn launched a new voice feature to send voice messages to first degree connections of up to one minute.


Users can send each other short audio messages. The aim is to keep users engaged and to communicate easily on the platform.

It’s easier to leave a voice message on one go instead of typing a message on the keyboard.

Also sometimes people misunderstood your tone via text but with the voice message chances of misunderstanding are minimal, you can be much more clear and specific with your words.

How to use LinkedIn Voice Messaging
  • Open your LinkedIn account
  • Select a first-degree connection to send a message
  • Click the message icon at the top of the screen
  • Tap the pencil and paper icon to start a message
  • Click the microphone icon on your keyboard
  • Tap and hold the icon to record your message then release your finger to send the recorded message.

If you’re done with a recording and you want to cancel before sending, slide your finger away from the icon but continue to hold it down.

If you get a LinkedIn voice message, tap (or click) the play icon to hear it.  

Currently, voice messaging is only rolling out in the LinkedIn app on iOS and Android, but you can receive them on mobile and on the web.

To learn more check out the Help Center.


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