How to Sync Google Calendar on an Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar to Google Calendar

Apple and Google live in two different worlds. Google runs around on the Web and on Android devices whereas Apple runs on its own platform i.e. on iOS devices and Macs.

The problem generally people face is when you have a Mac or an iPhone and you have to use Google Calendar. For example, some events created on Google Calendar but use an iPhone.


One can access iCloud account and its calendar on a desktop but the features are limited and you can’t see this on an Android device.

Let’s see how to see Google Calendar on an iOS device or Mac.

On a Mac, open the Calendar app and click ‘Calendar”.

Choose “Add Account”

There will be a list of Calendar account providers which include iCloud Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo, other CalDAV account.

Select “Google” then press “Continue” and enter the address and password of your Google account.

Apple Calendar to Google Calendar

Check the “Calendars” and then press “Done”.

Apple Calendar to Google Calendar

Apple will start importing events from your Google Calendar.

One can also create calendar events in Apple Calendar that can be synced to Google Calendar. But remember there is a certain limitation, for example, you won’t be able to add invitees.

How to add Google Calendar Events to Apple Calendar

Go to the setting app on your iPhone

Scroll down to the Calendar

Select the Calendar then click “Add Account” and just like the Mac app you’ll be provided a list of calendar providers that you can add.

Apple Calendar to Google Calendar


Choose “Google” and enter your Gmail login credentials.

Make sure the switch next to “Calendars” is green.


Once done press “Save”.

Finally, return to the Settings. Choose your ID at the top of the list, then scroll down to “iCloud.” Make sure that the “Calendars” switch is green so that all the calendar data from your Apple Calendar, including your Google Calendar events, are visible on your Apple Calendar app.

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