How to Send a Google Calendar Invite

Google Calendar Invite

Google calendar is a great tool for keeping track of events, not only you can share it with others, but you can also invite people to a particular calendar event.

You can send an invitation on a desktop and on mobile devices.


After composing an event, add guests to it so that they’ll be able to see and/or modify the event in their own Google Calendar. They will get an email notification when you add them.

How to Add Guests to a Google Calendar Event

#1: Open Google Calendar

#2: Compose an event or select the existing one

#3: Click the pencil icon to edit the event (if required)

#4: Click ‘Add guests’ (at the top of the right column)  

#5: Enter the email address of someone you want to invite. Suggested contacts will appear as you type- click a contact to add.

Repeat this step to add everyone you want to invite.

Below this, you can check or uncheck several boxes like

  • Invite others” (guests can invite others)
  • “See the guest list” (guests can see other attendees)
  • Modify events

#6: Click the ‘Save’ button at the top-right corner of the event. This saves the event details and sends invitations via email.

After all this, the invitee will receive an email providing details of the event and asking them to RSVP.  For more go to the Google Help Centre


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