How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign that Increases ROI

What Is Email Marketing?

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the techniques of digital marketing which uses electronic mail as the medium for communication delivery. It directly sends commercial or promotional messages to a group of people, using email.


Email marketing is one of the cost-effective techniques of digital marketing to increase your conversion rates and earn more profit. It may be any industry e-commerce, tours, and travel or media agencies, email marketing is leading the way for online marketing.

There are some steps that must be followed to run a successful email marketing campaign. Let us have a look….

  1. Purchase an Email Service Provider

First of all, if you have to run an email campaign, then you need to purchase an Email Service Provider(ESP). Now, to select an ESP you need to look out for a few factors like:

  • Email Delivery – Which ESP can provide maximum delivery rate. By delivery, I meant getting the emails delivered in the inbox.
  • Collection of templates – Make sure the ESP you choose must have multiple templates and a powerful email builder so that you don’t need to invest much time in building the content for your campaign.
  • Pricing – ESPs are quite costly. So lookout for an ESP which you can afford and is under your company budget.
  • Advanced Features – Lookout that the ESP must have advanced features like automation, geo-location, and segmentation.
  • Report Analytics – The ESP you choose must provide you advanced reports – who, when and where opened the email using which device through which source.
  1. Build a valid email list

It will be good for your campaign if you have double opt-in on your website so that you could have valid email addresses for your campaign. Use other ways too like sign up form, survey emails, collecting emails at trade shows or offering some discount for valid email addresses etc to build up a valid email list. Always try to run your email marketing campaign on valid email addresses to avoid spam.

  1. Segment your data

Before sending, you must segment your data according to your audience and preferences. Segmentation is the difference between sending blast email or sending the emails in groups according to the targeted audience. With segmentation, you are more likely to increase sales and engagement.

  1. Choose a template according to your accomplishments

Your ESP must be containing the number of templates. You need to pick one template with respect to the event or purpose you are running the campaign. Pick a beautiful template and remember you can customize your template according to your choice(if your ESP provides you this feature).

  1. Create a spam-free content

There are certain spammy words which are easily detected by spam filters of email clients which becomes a threat for your email delivery. Some of the words may include: Free Free Free, Buy Now, Download, Sponsor, etc. also avoid use excess of coding which is in HTML or coding languages. It provokes ISPs to release your emails in the junk folder. Try to avoid attachments and or forms in your email too.

  1. Use visible and clear CTA buttons

Call to action(CTA) button is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response. The words in your call to action provide the necessary direction for subscribers to follow through with an action. Use action-inducing words, keep it short and be relatable.

  1. Perform Split Test

It is an important step to perform testing before sending your email campaign. Split or A/B Testing is the process in which you compare two web pages with different content and to see which one performs better. The one that gives the better conversion rate, wins!

  1. Monitor your Results

Once you are done with your campaign, it is very important for you to track your results and have a data insight into your previous campaign. Look out for the areas where you need to improve to increase open rate, click rate, and conversion rate.

Back To You:

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