Is the bounce rate too high? want to reduce your bounce rate?

A high bounce rate is a conversion killer. If the majority of your users are abandoning your website on the first page, then you don’t have a chance to convert them into subscribers or customers.

Let’s take a look at what is the bounce rate and how you can lower it.

What is the bounce rate, and why should one care?

A bounce rate is the percentage of the users that visit the web page of a company and immediately end their session. Bounce rate is an important metric for marketers to determine if their site keeps the customers engaged and provides valuable information. A visitor can bounce from your website by clicking the link of any other website.

The bounce rate is calculated by taking the number of single-page visits divided by the total website visits.

Good Bounce Rate

reduce high bounce rate

What is a good bounce rate?

80%+ is very bad

70 – 80% is poor


50 – 70% is average

30 – 50% is excellent

Ways to reduce bounce rates and boost your conversions

Let’s have a look at some of the tactics one can use to optimize his site for fewer bounce rates.

Optimize call to action button

reduce high bounce rate

Many users decide whether they like a website in the first couple of seconds or with just a simple glance at the website. Your website should immediately describe what you are selling and there must be a visible call to action.

Make the call to action clear. Misleading users will create a bad experience which is the number one reason for high bounce rate and low conversions.

Make your site mobile-friendly

reduce high bounce rate

The majority of your web traffic will be done on a mobile device, and Google also prioritizes sites in their search engine that are mobile-friendly. websites that aren’t optimized for mobile use can be hard to use. The text will go off the screen or visible small to read, and the call to action button may be difficult to press.

Improve Website’s Speed

bounce rate

Users make up their mind about a website in the first few seconds. You don’t want to waste this time showing them a blank page loading scripts and downloading content. With tools like Pingdom and Google Page Speed, you can optimize every page on your site.

To speed up the website, one should optimize your images, use a Content Delivery Network, add better caching.

Add High-Quality Images to seek User Attention

Adding high quality does reduce the bounce rate. The reason so many websites use high-quality photographs as fullscreen backgrounds is that they have proven to be very effective.

Using the targeted keywords

One needs to ensure that they are targeting the right visitors to their website. If someone clicks on the website and doesn’t find a relevant prospect, they will immediately leave the website. This will increase the bounce rate. To eliminate this issue, ensure you are targeting the right keywords with your on-page SEO.

Improve content readability

Break up texts with high-quality images to engage the reader more. Ensure that text color contrasts with the website’s background. Keep users engaged with only the important information and images needed to pull them toward conversion.


Enterprises need to find the appropriate mix of content and creativity, ensuring an optimal user experience for decreasing their bounce rate. With these tips, you can reduce the bounce rate and discover what works best for your business.


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