How to recover your lost LinkedIn Business Page?

Lost Linkedln business page
Lost Linkedln business page

Losing access to your LinkedIn business page can be very frustrating as it is the most important tool for showing your company to professionals. While creating a new page is an option, it’s not ideal. There are many reasons for losing your LinkedIn business page credentials, page ownership issues, technical issues, LinkedIn disabling your page, agency mismanagement, and accidental page deletion.

Is it possible to retrieve your lost business page from LinkedIn?

The positive point is that you can get back access to your lost business page on LinkedIn. Instead of various the platform’s various privacy policies, we will discuss every reason for the loss and the corresponding retrieval methods.


Unable to access a business page of LinkedIn due to lost credentials like Email ID or Phone number

1. Check Hidden clues

Check your old emails when you created your business page this gives some ideas to regain it you can also check your password manager.

2. LinkedIn recovery options 


Linkedln help centre
LinkedIn help center

Move  to the business login page, enter your details, and select “Forgot Password.” LinkedIn will ask you to provide your email ID or phone number. If you have either, enter the information to start the reset process. If you do not have any of them explore more

3. Contact LinkedIn support

If lost credentials, reach out to the LinkedIn Help Center and inquire about “lost access to a business page.” Prepare all details, including account information and your company website’s creation date and URL. Answer the security questions asked by the team during the review process, and upon completion, your account will be restored.

Unable to access a business page on LinkedIn due to page ownership issues.

1. Find Ownership Gap

Check Admin left the company if the Email ID associated with it is correct or not or company has gone through some kind of merger with other companies.

2. Take appropriate actions

If the admin has left the company, attempt to contact them, and ask them to make you the admin. If unsuccessful, the LinkedIn Help Center provides proof of ownership with valid company details such as a license. In the case of a company merger, complete the necessary owner transfer documents.

You can also ask request for admin change but make sure your profile shows your current position on that company.

3. Linkedln help center

If all the above measures don’t help you then the only strong weapon is the LinkedIn help center try to explain your situation and be ready with your proof documents or screenshots. This will take some time and effort be patient it will recover your account.

Unable to log in because of other reasons:

1. Find the reason for the lost page


Find reason of lost
Find the reason for the lost

There are many reasons why you lost your page try to find that like Technical issues, Agency mismanagement, Accidental page deletion, etc.


2. After finding a reason take action


add details
add details

You can follow their guidelines there are many reasons for the loss you will click on that and then proceed with the steps to provide documents and proof of your identity.

Be patient with steps and provide the details very precisely because LinkedIn has a privacy policy It is a time-consuming process but you can recover your page.



Losing access to your LinkedIn business page can be frustrating, but recovery is possible. For lost credentials, check old emails and use LinkedIn’s recovery options. Contact LinkedIn support with proof for a detailed review. If facing ownership issues, reach out to admins or the Help Center, providing necessary documents. Address other issues by identifying the cause and following LinkedIn’s guidelines.

For any other help, you can log in to the LinkedIn Help Center.



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