How to recover your lost Facebook business Page?


It’s very frustrating when you forget or lose access to your Facebook business page. Due to this, you will face a loss in your business not be able to post any ads. This can happen for many reasons due to security, forgetting passwords, lost email IDs, or sometimes phone numbers.

Can you access your Facebook Business account?

So many people start thinking but the good thing is that you can access your business page on Facebook.


But the question arises of how you can access it there are many ways to retrieve a normal Facebook page but for a business account, there are many ways we will discuss every way in detail.

1. Unable to access the Facebook business page due to security issues.

Generally losing access to a Facebook business page due to security reasons are:

  • Unauthorized Access
  • PageCompromise
  • Two-Factor Authentication Issues
  • Page Suspended
How to retrieve your business account?

1. First you have to find the reason for the business page suspension they have sent the email or notifications about the reason from the above-mentioned reason.

Apply here to retrive business account
Apply here to retrieve your business account

2. If you find the reason is not valid or a misunderstanding happened then you can raise your questions to their website if you have any evidence like screenshots etc you can share them there.

3. If the issue is related to your content then try to delete it but if it is due to security reasons try to fix it.

4. Update your business information.

5. After doing all these steps your page will be retrieved within 30 days.

2. Unable to access the Facebook business page due to lost phone number or email address.

If you lost your contact number or email address then follow these simple steps to get back your Facebook business page:

1. First visit the Facebook login page.

2. Then enter your page details and choose the option of forgot password.

3. Then choose the page recovery option but if you have lost your number and email address then you can choose alternative methods.

4. For an alternative you have to verify your identity.

5. Then contact Facebook support

6. If you have given an alternative contact then you will get a code on that or if not you have to raise a request for it.

7. Then enable the two-factor authentication method.

8. Then update your information get the code and access your account.

There are many other reasons like

  • Someone who handles your business page on Facebook has changed your role.
  • Your page is reported
  • Pages are hacked.

To retrieve your page for above mention reason there are common steps

1. Identify the owner 

First, find out the type of business page you have after going to “settings ” then find “page role ” and find who is the page owner.

If you recognize any of the business owners who are listed there try to contact them they will make you an admin but if you don’t remember then follow other steps

2. Use the feedback option


2. Use the feedback option
Use the feedback option

If you don’t recognize the business then Facebook will take you to the “feedback” option click on that then after Facebook will ask you to give your feedback on it like your business is owned by someone else or any reason then type unauthorized access then “Facebook support” will contact you.

3. Submit a dispute request
Submit a dispute request
Submit a dispute request

 In step first only you can send an admin dispute request this will take you very early to Facebook support.

If all the above methods are not working properly then there is one best step:


Facebook help support
Facebook help support

1. Raise your ticket issue with Facebook support and tell them your issue that you lost your Facebook business manager.

2. Then they will ask you to submit all the documents of the business in PDF format

Like the URL of the business page all the details of the business with government ID proof, proper business documents, with the invoice of last 3 months”.

Giving consent to the documents
Giving consent to the documents

3. After this, you have to give “consent” that all your information is correct.

4. Within 24 hours you will get access to it.


Losing access to your Facebook business page can be frustrating, taking your ability to post ads and causing potential business losses. However, there are many ways to recover it. For security issues, identify the reason, apply for retrieval, and update business information. If you’ve lost your phone number or email, follow the page recovery steps and contact Facebook support if needed. For ownership issues, identify the owner, use feedback and dispute options, or get help from Facebook support with proper document submission. Be patient you will get the access back.

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