How to Personalize Your Email Marketing

How to Personalize Your Email Marketing

Email personalization is when email marketers use their audience’s personal data, such as their name, location, or recent purchases in the email content. When done correctly, personalized emails can make each subscriber feel like you are speaking directly to them. Personalized email content is the best way to build a relationship and gain trust. In this article, we will discuss how to personalize your email marketing.

Email Personalization Importance

  • Hgher open rates: 71% of subscribers agree that they would be more likely to open a personalized email.
  • More sales: You get 6x conversion with personalized emails.
  • Better engagement: 72% of shoppers agree that they would only engage with personalized messages.

How To Personalize Your Emails

Personalize The Subject Line

Add the recipient’s name in the subject line, this is a smart way to stand out in the email inbox. After seeing their name it develops interest and the subscriber opens it.


Personalize The Preheader Text

personalize your email marketing
Personalize Your Emails

Preheader is also known as “the second subject line. Add a personal touch through relevant content in this space to get your subscribers engaged.

Personalize Image

personalize your email marketing
Personalize Your Emails

Crafting or adding a personal image is yet another method to have a personalized touch in the emails.

Personalize The Content

Try to add personalized content depending on the demographics of your audience. This will not only improve the open rate but also results in a higher conversion rate.

Personalize The Delivery Time

personalize your email marketing
Personalize Your Emails

Try to send the email when your audience is most active. with You can send emails at any time through its scheduling option.

Always Keep It Relevant

Adding personal information in your emails is cool, but it is only effective if the content is relevant to that individual.

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