How To Optimize Your Opt-In Process

Opt-In Process
Email marketing is all about building and maintaining strong relationships with existing as well as new clients. The email relationship starts when someone opts-in to receive information from your company or organization. This is the very genuine and best way to update your contact database. Start simple and build a relationship from there.

Confirmed Opt-In is a process by which email addresses are subscribed to a mailing list only after careful measures have been taken to ensure that the owner of the email address wishes to be added to the mailing list. This minimizes the chances of your email bouncing and a great chance of involvement in only interested persons.  Confirmed Opt-In is sometimes also referred to by other names, such as Double-Opt-In and Verified-Opt-In.

There are 5 simple ways to manage your opt-in process 

1. Signup form


Provide clear links to your privacy policy because everyone wants privacy, and prove that you are trustworthy. Also, provide links to example (demo) newsletters so they know what to expect in an easy way.

2. Thank you page

After they submit the opt-in form, thank them because this is a good manner, and tell them what they need to do next you could even provide an incentive like- free screensaver pdf document, etc at this point if they confirm their subscription.

3. Confirmation link

 In the confirmation email, remind them to add your email address to their own address book in order to prevent the spam filters from blocking you accidentally in the future. This will certainly minimize your spam rate.

4. Confirmed page

 When they confirm, take them to a “Thank You” screen. You might include a link to a free incentive that you offered. You can also add a benefit coupon, discounts, etc.

5. Welcome email

After they confirm their email address, one final “Welcome to the mailing list” email is usually sent. This should include all the information that they provided on your signup form, with a link to unsubscribe if they ever want to in the future.

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