Email Marketing Goal: How to Measure It

Email Marketing Goal

Email Marketing Goal should be to make it easy for people to subscribe to your email rather than tries to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

As most consumers in the digital age can attest while cleaning out their marketing-cluttered inbox, the email marketing space is highly saturated and competitive.

Email marketing can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. But implementing and maintaining an effective campaign requires clear goals. Regularly running the numbers identifies areas for improvement.

Following are some steps about how to measure Email Marketing Goal:

 1: Sign up for a reliable Email Marketing campaign service which helps you to manage your list, send out emails and calculate the major industry benchmarks.

 2: Calculate the open rate for your Campaign. A measure of how many recipients open your Email and see your Marketing Content. Divide the number of emails opened by viewers by the total number sent.

 3: Calculate the bounce rate for your campaign. A measure of how many deliveries fail due to incorrect address information or email client blocking software. Divide the number of undelivered emails by the total sent and multiply by 100 to finish with a percentage. Email Stat Center places the average for this figure at 4 percent.

 4: Calculate the click-through rate for your campaign. A measure of the number of recipients who interact with your content enough to click on a link included in the email.

 5: Calculate your conversion rate. After clicking on a link on your email — reach your site and choose to sign up or make a purchase.

 6: Calculate your return on investment. A figure that expresses the profit from campaign-driven purchases over the cost of implementing the campaign. Start with the total revenue you received from customer purchases that originated with a link on your email.

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