How To Maximize Open Rate For Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter
Open rate tells you the beginning story of your marketing campaigns. By analyzing it, you might know what is working and what is not. If you only measure the end results like Click-through and conversation results, you might run the risk of misdiagnosing the problem in your email marketing campaign. A good start generates a good result.

Following are the things you should always consider to get an effective Open rate for your email newsletter Campaigning-

1-  Avoid Email SPAM Trigger Words
A major number of Spam filter services tracks Email as spam from the fishy words included in them.
So never use these words.
Example of some of these words are-
“Percent off”,
For detailed information, you can visit HUBSPOT.
2Make a Good First Impression 

The subject line of any email newsletter is the first impression in front of your subscriber.
But the only subject line is not sufficient. You should consider all three things simultaneously-
The Sender – Personalize it as possible as.
The Subject Line- Be curative, smart and simple
The message preview- Have to seem relative to the subject line. 

3. Choose your campaigning time wisely-

It is also an important factor to decide your open rate. First of all, you have to decide your target audience, whether you promote a B2B market or B2C marketing.

A lot of worldwide survey advice that-

  • 2 PM around is the best time to target the B2C customers.
  • 7 PM around is the peak timing to target the B2B customer. 
4. Get to know your audience-

Try to listen to your customers whatever they want to say.
After knowing your audience You can cater your offers and content to them.

5. Refine your subscriber list-

 The more refined your targets within your campaigns are the more likely you are to achieve success with your email marketing campaign.


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