How to Index your Blog on Google Search Console?

How to Index your Blog on Google Search Console?
How to Index your Blog on Google Search Console?

In current time everyone wants there blog should index on first page on search engine?

The answer is “yes“obivously but most of the people don’t know how to do it and get traffic to the post.To index your blog naturally it will take longer time so to index it imagine it as like a game it depends how you play with it like with your keywords and content it should be rich in every asects of google algorithm and user search friendly but only writing is not a way to index your blog.


In the vast online ocean, strategic thinking like a shark is crucial alternatively, one can mix  into the crowd like many others are doing .Creating unique content is not the only method to telling Google about your blog; it’s just like to preparing a special dish for a friend – if you don’t send an invitation, how will they know about it?

So here is the ultimate guide we will discuss each and every step how to do the indexing of your blog in Google search console so that google should crawal in search engine .

What is Google Search Console?

When someone starts blogging they write very good content but dont know how to index there content for that they should know about it Google search console.

It tells the google about your blog by pasting the URL of the website or blog and send a request for indexing.It also tell how your blog looks and appears on search engine.

Why it is important to index your blog on Google Search Console?

The reason to index your blog on Google Search Console:

  • Visibility in Search Results
  • Mobile-Friendly URL
  • Indexing your content in search engine
  • Security Monitoring

Steps how you can Index your blog on Google Search Console


1.Sign up in Google Search Console



To log in Google Serach console you must have a Gmail account to login.Visit this website Google Serach console click on sign in and continue with your google account.

2.Add Your Blog and Index it in Google 

Search for Google Serach console dashboard at the top left corner click it.


Choose “URL” preffix and copy your link of the blog and paste it press enter.


Then Google will verify the link whether it is on search engine or not.

After the verification your test URL is live and a option to Submit for indexing will come.


Then submit a request for indexing and google will index your blog.

Test live URL

After sometime you can check by pasting the same link or you can run “Test live URL


In today’s online world,achieving first-page visibility on search engines is hard for increased organic traffic. The main guide using Google Search Console for blog indexing. Google Search Console help blog appearance, help in indexing for better visibility, and asses mobile-friendliness. The step-by-step process includes signing up, adding the blog URL, verification, and submitting for indexing. This ensures quick visibility, addressing indexing issues, and monitoring security for an effective online presence.




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