How To Improve Domain Reputation

How To Improve Domain Reputation

Email sending behavior is responsible for Domain reputation and good sending habits are important to improve domain reputation. Switching IPs doesn’t affect your domain reputation if you are sending emails from the same domain.

Factor That Affects Domain Reputation


Poor list quality:- Ensure that your email contacts are verified as maintaining a high-quality subscriber list leading to a good reputation.

High complaint rates:- In email marketing, you must ensure that you are sending relevant emails to the people who want to receive them. And if by chance you aren’t then you are opening yourself to subscriber complaints. The more subscriber complaints you receive, the worse the email deliverability will be.

Getting blacklist:- Make sure that your IP address and domain reputation is clean.

Content:- If the content includes lots of exclamation marks or spammy words there is a high chance of getting your email in the spam folder.

How to Build Domain Reputation

Domain reputation is something that takes time to build. It is based on the consistency and the factors that we have discussed above. Whether your domain is new or has a low reputation there are a few things to keep in mind when building your domain’s reputation.

Domain Warmup

If you send a large number of emails with the new domain, the probability of getting on the blacklist increases. Keep the number of emails low for sending generally 20-100 emails per day. Slowly increase your sending number.

Domain Validation

Many ESPs recommend domain validation through SPF and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). These are the two most used domain verification techniques. Some of the domain services will ask you to set some of the SPF / DKIM credentials in your domain panel, this will help you to protect someone else using your domain for their benefit.

Domain Classification

When someone registers a domain they were likely asked to classify it to a specific industry. It is advisable that emails that you send must consistent with the industry you selected.


Using a subdomain rather than your company’s top-level domain will provide easier reputation tracking because it’s separate from other domains and subdomains being used within your company.

Suppose that someone in your company sends an email campaign that contains spammy content. These emails can generate complaints and your ISP flags your main domain. But using a subdomain can save the main registered domain’s reputation.

For example, let’s say that you send messages using the subdomains If you make a mistake with your newsletter and ruin the reputation of, only this subdomain will be affected. Thus saving your primary domain.

What’s Next

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Domain reputation is important for all email marketers. It increases the email deliverability rate of your campaigns and helps in sending spam-free emails.


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