Email is the most reliable way to reach your buyers and prospects, build relationships with them, and encourage them to make purchases. Email marketing can be highly effective to keep the audience engaged with your product. However, the efforts will be useless if aren’t received by the audience. In this article, we will see how to grow an email marketing list.

How to Grow your Email Marketing List 

Here are few tips you can use to grow your email marketing list count.


Offer Perks for Joining your Email Marketing List

Offering Discounts

Many retail and e-commerce stores offer discounts to people who subscribe to their email list. For eg: Be our subscriber and have 15% off your first order.


A downloadable is a resource that can be download in exchange for an email address. For eg. Many researchers use various platforms to download reports by just giving their email addresses.

Free Tools

There are various tools that you can just use by providing your email address. The best example for this is Ubersuggest they just ask for your email address in order to provide you with SEO data.

Optimize CTA Effectively

Putting calls to action with a link to the signup page or in blog posts, product listings, and on your website homepage is an effective way to gain new subscribers.

Use every Media for Promotion

It’s important to promote your product in order to raise visibility. Every media should be used regularly to bring email to the subscriber’s attention.

Try adding Sign-up forms & PopUps

Try adding sign-up forms across your website, such as the site’s header and footer, in the sidebar, and throughout your blog. You can also experiment with pop-ups. These are the forms that appear in the middle of user’s screens after they take specific actions, such as scrolling down web pages. Many e-commerce companies collect email addresses. 

Email list-building Campaign

Well-managed social media ads will help you turn Facebook and Instagram users into email subscribers for your company.

Your Facebook ad needs to advertise your product or service in order to convince users to subscribe. 

Create a lead magnet that speaks directly to the audience you’re targeting and pack it with as much value as possible.

Design a landing page: if you want to drive Facebook traffic to a specific landing page, you need to design a specific landing page in order so that potential subscribers don’t get confused. 

Create Amazing Email Content

Create amazing email content that your audience loves. Every email you send should offer genuine value. Make sure that email must entertain them.

Emails must be targeted: What’s valuable to one subscriber might not be valuable to another. That’s why it’s vital you target your emails, which you can do by segmenting your list. To segment your list, divide your subscribers into like-minded groups, based on their industry, interests. 

Emails need to be engaging. Write in a conversational tone, use images if it fits your brand, and otherwise spice up your emails so that they engage your readers from the first word to the last.

By following these practices one can grow your email marketing list.


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