How to determine which Automation tool to recommend to your client

Automation tool

Marketing automation tool plays a vital role in the success of any digital marketing agency or individual marketer.

As a marketer/consultant, you should suggest a tool that aids your client in creating and analyzing emails outreach campaign.


The most important thing that needs to considered above all other thing is, are you recommending a provider to each client or you will handle all the automation on your end on the behalf of your clients?

If you are going to handle all the automation task on behalf of all your clients, then you better know which marketing automation tool would be best for you. You can gain and improve your efficiency by using a single tool across your multiple clients.

If you’re suggesting a tool for each of your clients, the best automation tool will most likely to be vary depending on your client’s requirement.

Being a marketing automation consultant you must be having a number of clients, all with different nature, financial background, goal, objective, requirement, etc,. It really depends on the type of marketing engagement you and your client want to recommend them a tool.

But before that you need to clear out some questions to your clients:
  • What all channels you’ll be marketing on i.e. is it only email or social platforms as well?
  • Do they already use any software?
  • Who will be doing the execution? You or they?
  • Do they need to provide any training?
  • Are you on-boarding them or do they pay for that on their own?
  • What kind on the analysis they are interested in? Click rate, open rate, conversion, etc,. What metrics?

There’s a lot of different automation tools available but one tool cannot suit all your clients. You may find one tool to be perfect for one client, while it may not be good for another client.

So before recommending any tool to your client, I believe there are some questions that you need to get clear with for a better recommendation.

What features does my client need?

As I have mentioned each client have a different set of requirements, you have to take that into consideration then recommend the tool as per the need.

For example, this client of yours is a startup and have a limited contact so the ideal tool would be a cheaper plan with limited contacts instead of unlimited contacts with higher prices.

Is it affordable for my clients?

Not all the clients have the same financial position, some can afford expensive software some cannot. For example, this client of yours is a startup and does not have enough financial capital so you recommend a software which is cheaper like

What is the benefit to me?

Some platforms have a partner program i.e. you’ll get a certain percentage of commission on every recommendation done by you or on every payment made by your customer.

Apart from these, a consultant should also make sure that tool should able to do the following:

  • Identify and build a database of the prospects
  • Create personalized emails
  • Reach out to prospect with automated follow-up
  • Track various activities of the prospect on the website

As a digital marketer or marketing automation consultant with the help of following the points you can determine if the tool you choose is good or not?


  • It has a custom template to help automate campaign more easily instead of designing from the starting.
  • It provides a personalized experience to all its client.
  • Tool provides extensive metrics and analytics to track the results of your ongoing email marketing campaigns.
  • It provides A/B testing.
  • It provides real-time support.
  • Tool provides social media sharing functionality.
  • It provides a simple easy-to-use Drag & Drop email builder.
  • It provides the lead scoring mechanism for lead nurturing.

Whatever tool you recommend, it is very important to find a tool which is user-friendly otherwise your clients may face issues while using it. The best thing you can do is try that tool before you recommend it to your customers.


All depends on the need of your client. Suggest to them something which is simple to use and if there’s any problem that should get support easily.

You are welcome to get in touch with us and try our service which we offer. We can help you to improve your email copy and offer you the best practices advice as well as a top of the real-time support.

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