How to Create Twitter Video Ad Campaign

Twitter Video Ad Campaign

A Twitter video ad campaign is the Twitter ads that use videos to promote products, services, or to drive engagement.

  • 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter.
  • 41% of users think that Twitter is a great medium to discover videos.
  • Native videos on Twitter drive more action than third-party videos.
  • Twitter users are 1.9x more likely to upload a video to Twitter than the average US Internet user is to upload a video to another platform on the Internet.

Let’s get to know how to set up the Twitter Video Ad Campaign.

In-Stream Video Views Campaigns

Go to the Twitter Ads dashboard (if you don’t have an account and create a Twitter Ads account)  and select the In-stream video views.

Create your campaign by filling all the details-name, start & end date, budget, total budget (optional). Once you are done tap ‘Next’.

You are all set to create your ad group. Select a name for the ad group. If you will not specify the start date, end date, and the total budget for the ad group, Twitter by default use the settings from the campaign.

Next, choose the bid type and bid unit.

  • For bid type- either select Automatic Bid (default) or Maximum Bid (the amount you want to pay for a video.)
  • For the bid unit, you have two options to choose from Per In-Stream Video View (default) and Per 3s/100% In-Stream Video View.

An in-stream video view is when a user watches your video in a 50% view for 2 seconds or more or clicks to expand or unmute the video. A 3s/100% view is when a user watches your video in 100% view for 3 seconds or more, or expands or unmutes the video-Twitter.

For better alignment, click the Brand Details field to choose any two categories.

The next step is to set up your targeting, you can choose from the four option.
  • Tailored audiences (web)
  • Mobile audience targeting
  • Tailored audiences (lists)
  • Flexible audience targeting

You can also sort your audience further by selecting behaviors, interests, followers, hashtags, lookalike followers of competitors, and so on.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll also get an option to enhance your brand safety features i.e. exclude categories and the twitter accounts from showing your in-stream video ad.

The next step is to choose your campaign creative. Select a video from the media library and upload it. You can also add CTA (call to action).

The next and last step is to review your campaign setting. You can make changes if required or can create another group. If not, click Launch Campaign.

Creating a Promoted Video Views Campaign on Twitter is almost the same as setting up an In-Stream Video Views Campaign on Twitter.


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