How to Create a Time-Saving Email Marketing Schedule

Email Marketing Schedule

Email marketing is one of the most widely used tools to connect with the audience and to communicate with them. On average, brands receive ROI of 122% from email marketing, which is 4x higher than other types of marketing strategies.

But creating, implementing, monitoring, and managing an email marketing campaign takes a lot of effort and time if you are not careful with it.


But as with other marketing strategies, managing an email campaign can turn into a time sucker if you’re not careful.

The importance of taming your email marketing schedule

Give equal attention to various strategies.

Mostly, brands use a combination of different marketing strategies/tools to promote their products and services.

If you have a big team to focus on each marketing strategy then good, if not then make sure you and your team give equal attention to each of the strategies your business uses to achieve a business objective.

Maintain healthy client relationships

We can’t deny this: each client believes that their needs require your immediate attention and action. Therefore, intelligently you have to manage all your clients without offending any.

If you fall behind, the customer can feel that you’re not meeting their needs and can take their business elsewhere. Spending too much time emailing one client leads you to neglect the others.

Here are nine things you should do to create a time-saving email marketing schedule that delivers good results.

Take control of your inbox

According to a study, an average person spends 3.2 hours for work emails and 3.1 for personal emails. No doubt email marketers spend more than this because it’s part of their job.

It consumes a significant amount of time during your workday, and your productivity also suffers. To become efficient, limit how often and how long you spend doing emails. Use a tool like EmaliAnalytics to tame your inbox, this tool gives you a detail report of email activities.

This gives you a comprehensive picture of how long you’re spending on your email and, more importantly, where you’re spending your time.

Create an email marketing calendar

Create a visual calendar for your email marketing campaign. It allows you to keep track of your email’s activity like when to end your emails, what content to include, and so on. This can be as easy as creating and sharing Google Sheet so that you and your team can be on the same page.

Use Email Templates

Predesigned email templates are an email marketer’s best friend. These are ready-made emails that you can tweak according to your choice to make it fit into your email marketing campaign.

SalesPush has a wide variety of email templates that you can choose for your email campaigns.

Consider Outsourcing

This is useful generally for an organization with a limited number of human resources, say when only a person is responsible for doing email marketing. Assigning a specific task to freelancers that have the skills and talent can save a lot of your time and resources and this is affordable also.

Keep your email short but attractive

You have a few seconds to get your audience’s attention (around 4 seconds as per research). Keep the subject line and content short, straightforward yet attractive.

It will succeed in attracting the reader’s attention enough to click on the mentioned link, to directly visit a website. Short paragraphs will also make your emails mobile-friendly.

Create a Curated Content

Creating good content can take a good amount of time. Much of the time spent on a campaign is spent to create quality content. Creating a curated content or newsletter featuring the latest trends and news relevant to your target audience is a smart way to save time while still providing value to your subscribers.

BuzzSumo is a great tool to use for this. This software allows you to access a list of blog posts and articles performing well in shares in your targeted keyword.

Choose the right email platform

You can say this the most important of all. No matter how well you do all the above-mentioned points, if you’re not using the right platform as per your need, these won’t help you manage your email marketing schedule. 

There are many factors which one should keep in mind while choosing an email marketing platform (which I’d discuss in another post) but here I am mentioning top three things:

  • Must have the ability to integrate into your CRM
  • Mobile friendly
  • Scalability of features
Summing Up

Email marketing is effective in achieving your online marketing goal-targeting new/old audience, nurturing them, communicating with them and so on. No doubt it is important for your business but it shouldn’t be like that you left with no time for other tasks and responsibilities.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can also segment your emails, can set up triggered email campaigns for a better result. Combine all this as per your requirement and it will increase your productivity beyond measure.


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