How to connect Facebook business page to WhatsApp?

connect Facebook business page to WhatsApp
connect Facebook business page to WhatsApp

In today’s digital era, businesses are running online. From small to large scale, the success rate is unbelievable compared to physical stores. Statistics reveal over 40% of the global population is part of this digital revolution.

know how to connect with visitors directly on WhatsApp. increase user engagement and make it easy for customers to reach out and connect with your business. Always use technology with the business to grow together with it.


Steps to connect your Facebook Business page to your WhatsApp business account

1. Access your business page

Facebook business page
Facebook business page

Log in to your Facebook business account with the credentials and move to your page. If this happens you lose your access to your Facebook business page how to retrieve it is discussed in the previous blog.

2. Open your Whatsapp settings

Connect whatsapp to business page
Connect WhatsApp to a business page

Click on the WhatsApp option in the settings.
Choose your country code and enter your number
You will get the 6-digit verification code enter it in the Facebook field

Confirm whatsapp account
Confirm WhatsApp account

Click Confirm and you will get the conformational message and a button of WhatsApp appear on it.

If you are facing issues connecting your WhatsApp with this then you can go to the Meta help center.

Why it is important to connect WhatsApp to your business page?

The most important is that it will help customers if they have any questions or queries regarding the product or services they ask you it gives a personal touch to them and builds trust.

It will increase a lot of reach to our business with which we can get their information as the lead is generated which helps in marketing by sending them bulk campaigns and messages like offers and promotions.

If you are running Facebook ads and camping then this will be like a strong weapon it will show customers’ engagement with your business and your conversion rate and you will get to know what customers want from you.

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Integrating WhatsApp into your Facebook business page will help you grow your business with technology and increase its reach globally. It will help you to increase your customers’ engagement, lead generation, and marketing letting people know about your offers and promotions easily because it’s a personal reach. This will give you the statics of your business graph. 


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