How to Checklist for Creating Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

You must know the power of social media, how it can transform business and improve its reach to the targeted audience. So you are ready to opt for social media marketing but you are wondering where to start from?

The foremost step is creating a social media campaign that covers all the details and takes everything into account when getting started. Creating a campaign is important for the success of social media marketing.


We are presenting an easy checklist that helps you to make your social media campaign.

Getting Started
  • Do you establish an utmost important business goal for your social media marketing?
  • Have you clear yourself: what you want to achieve from your social media marketing campaign-increase brand awareness, lead generation, etc.
  • Have you determined who your target audience is?
  • Do you well research your buyer persona?
  • Have you defined your mission statements and goal for each social media channel? Do they align with your overall business goal?  
  • Did you conduct an audit of your social media accounts-their flaws, the area of improvement?
  • Have you done competitor research?
Defining Accountability
  • Have you assigned the task to each team member? Which individual is accountable for which task?
  • Have you determined who will be sourcing and creating your social media content?
Creating the right content strategy
  • Did you create a content plan?
  • Have you decided on the content format: fonts, layout, design?
  • Have you researched the best time to publish content for each social channel?
  • Does your created content relevant for your target audience?
  • Have you planned your content scheduling in advance?
  • Does your content adhere to the rules of concerned authority?
  • Have you designated a specific person to monitor social channels to ensure everything is going and you are effectively engaging with your followers?

Measuring the result

  • Have you established the metrics to measure your performance?
  • Have you considered both qualitative and quantitative results?
  • Did you campaign meet all your business goals and objectives?
  • Do you have an alternative plan in case any changes required in the campaign at the time of analysis?

Remember that each stage of creating a social media campaign is important. All this will resonate with the efficacy of your campaigns and will point out the area of improvement.


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