How to boost Email marketing rate for your business in 2024 ?

Email marketing means sending bulk mail or either one-to-one mail but the purpose is to either do the marketing of your product and services to the customers that is B2C or send your business proposal in bulk. In today’s time also it’s proven that email marketing has more ROI than social media marketing which is proven by statistics. Below is the image you can see that.


If we see that in percentage we can compare it is unbelievable that the ROI of email marketing is 44% and for social media it’s nearer to half which is 28% on average. It speaks that it’s more trustworthy in businesses.


But the question arises why does email marketing have a much higher conversion rate than social media but the user base spends more time on it? The reason is email gives us a personal touch and more value to the person. Social media has a large user base but its demographic target is a large audience that is globally so people entertained by social media are not that much trustworthy platform.

Our goal is to increase leads, sales, and business through email marketing. However, achieving a high conversion rate is not easy; we have to do a lot of struggle due to a lack of proper strategy. With technology change, we must adapt and discuss improvements to ensure a successful approach in the upcoming year, aiming for significant business growth.

So we will discuss the major approach we should take while doing Email Marketing

1. Be specific with your Business 

Clearly and deeply know about your business. Then think of it its B2B B2C or it’s both then you can move forward for your business. This will help you to make a scenario of how you represent your business to everyone with your campaign.

2. Know about your audiences

B2b vs B2C
B2b vs B2C

This is the most crucial step because if you don’t do deep research on your audience then no business is going to come for that so be specific and try to make a detailed report by dividing your audiences customers or senior professionals so it will be better for our understanding. Find the areas of interest.

3. Create multiple subject lines

Email subject like for the refrence compairing
Email subject line for the reference comparing

First impression is the last impression about this you can understand that when you have a very strong subline line it makes the audience think of it.

Try to do A/B testing which means making multiple subject lines and doing hit and trial initially and notice the behavior and response open rate of email and click rate. Make a demographics of it then it will be a great do it most of the time.

4. Personal touch in Emails


Email composing with personal touch
Email composing with a personal touch

If you are sending bulk mail then try to make it very specific clear concise and short.

That it feels like in a single email you know about that person and have done the research about it when some read it for B2C.

It will be a bit different for B2B because when you are sending bulk emails to a senior person or the decision maker of a company then do in-depth research about the company and then draft a mail talking about their business and profit and statistics of your success.

5. Mobile optimization 

In today’s time, everyone prefers mobile so more than 60% of people open their emails on the phone so content should be mobile optimized. Take care of a few things font size, call to action, and simple columns picture should be of very high quality.

6. Sending time 

No one knows when to send messages it is a hit-and-trial method here also you can experiment by sending a trial message and noting the time.

For B2C the best time is evening because working people remain active at that time. 

For B2B try to send them in the early hours of the office because people come to the office see their email first and spend some time reading.

7. Automate your mail 

Don’t do one-to-one mail it is time taking focus more on compelling and creating mail is the best technique. Set up email campaigns by using different CRMs like sales. email marketing platform.

8. Encourage audiences 

While sending emails don’t just write your content try to make it a two-way communication including your target audience you can do this by “taking feedback and asking questions”.

9. Track your results

Track your results 
Track your results

The most important part is to always keep records like behavior in the form of analytics this will help you to know your business better. This will have a great impact on the results of your campaign.

10. Clean your email list and stay updated with spam laws

Remove the unsubscribe from the email list.

Know about anti-spam laws like CAN-Spamer this will make your emails to land in your inbox instead of spam folders. To know the technique of how you can send spam-free messages through email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing is a powerful weapon for the companies. So to use it effectively and sharply with the right use of the content, knowing about timing, always doing A/B testing, keeping records of the data, and how to send it spam, and knowing about email sending laws are the most important ways to send the perfect email and crack the deal and get business and letting people know about your presence.


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