How to Back-up or Restore Google Allo Chats

Restore Google Allo Chats

Google Allo allows its users to send and receive messages over the web. But, unfortunately, by the end of March 2019, Google will cease Allo. That means after March you won’t be able to log in to your Allo account.

As mentioned above, Allo will continue to work until March 2019, until then, users will be able to export all of their chat records from the app, after that all the conversations will be wiped out and disappear forever.  


To download your chat or media, you must have Allo’s latest version.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to backup your Google Allo chats.

  1. Go to the Allo application
  2. Go to the Menu bar, then click Settings.
  3. Tap on Chat
  4. Select an option:
  • To export/download/restore your messages: Tap “Export messages from chats.” All the data will be export in a CSV file.
  • To export/download/restore your media attachments: Tap “Export stored media from chats.” All the attachments will be saved in a zip file.

Once the conversation and media file gets downloaded, they will be safely stored on your device and will not be affected when Allo closes down.

(Above mentioned steps are the same for both Android and iOS users) To learn more go to the Google Help Center.  


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