How to Avoid a Failed Implementation of Marketing Automation

Implementation of Marketing Automation

There’s no denying how much marketing automation is helpful for business, there’s plenty of statistics and example to support this. For example, according to Forrester Research, Implementation of Marketing Automation increases sales pipeline by 10-20%. Marketing automation helps to reduce cost and enhance the customer experience.

You will get benefit only if you implement marketing automation properly. Implementing marketing automation in your business isn’t difficult- it’s just a matter of knowing what you need to do in a rightful manner.To help you avoid a failed implementation and to get all the benefits that marketing automation has to offer, we’ve put together some points for you to follow.

Identify Stakeholder and Align them

Start off by identifying and aligning all of your stakeholders. In the field of marketing automation, your stakeholder would be leaders from sales department, marketing department and representatives.

Once you’ve identified your stakeholders, you need to start a discussion in order to set an objective or goal that need to achieve from marketing automation.

Throughout the discussion, stakeholders should express what they want to gain from this marketing automation solution.

Overall you have to make sure that all stakeholder should be on the same page. If and when stakeholder are not aligned with their expectation then some people will be unhappy with the end result.

Choose the Right Software

After aligning stakeholder the next thing is to choose the right automation software for your company to start the game.

One software cannot fit to all the organization. As per your organization need and requirement choose the right automation product.

According to Marketing Technology Landscape, there’s a lot of marketing technology out there-nearly 1900 vendors, yes that a huge. That’s mean you have a plethora of choices.

So how do you select the right one? Start by determining what you hope to get out of the system (stakeholders’ discussion) and map those to software capabilities.

You can also compare several vendors based on capabilities and other factors like pricing, features, services offered, support, etc.

Build the Roadmap

You need to build a roadmap to know how your marketing effort will look like. Your roadmap should guide your marketing automation strategy for the utmost utilization of the software.

For example, at what point you’ll start lead scoring and lead nurturing and what will be your criteria of lead scoring, this all you have to decide in advance. You also have to make sure that all activities align with your stakeholders’ expectations and get fulfilled.

Train your user

Marketing automation cannot produce output until and unless you give an input. And in order to get the good output, you need to provide a good input. Similarly, marketing automation won’t do any good if your users don’t know what to do with it and how to do effectively.

You need to train users on how to work in the platform and on any new process that you are implementing alongside the platform like marketing automation tool with CRM. You need to make your user clear about the benefits that marketing automation can provide to them and how it help them do their job better.

The lack of expertise and know-how (55,6 %), as well as lack of human resources (48,1 %), are most common reasons why companies are not using marketing automation. Liana “The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Automation” (2017).

Test, analyze, update and repeat

There’s always a scope to improve, nothing is ever perfect. You can always improve your use of your marketing automation platform.

You can try new features, improve your associates’ processes or figure out how to improve existing strategies, you must keep on improve your current practice. To determine what to change and where to change, run AB test, analyze the result and implement it if required.


Implementation of Marketing Automation is not a rocket science, it’s just a matter of your understanding about the software and what you need to accomplish.

If you can check these five activities off your list, then you’ll be well on your way toward reaping the benefits of an effective marketing automation program.


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