How to use Whatsapp Automation in Healthcare industry ?

Whatsapp automation in healthcare industry
Whatsapp automation in healthcare industry

In today’s times, the healthcare industry has always been booming. As long as there are human beings, people will get ill. However, in the world of technology, everyone wants everything to be smooth, from booking appointments to placing online orders for medicines, without having to go to the hospital.

Statiscial representation of helathcare industry
Statiscial representation of helathcare industry

With WhatsApp automation, over 30% of people in the hospitality sector have change their processes online, making tasks easy from booking appointments to delivering test results for patient convenience. In this blog, we’ll discuss the healthcare industry’s automation possibilities with WhatsApp and guide you on implementing these processes smoothly.


Areas where we can use WhatsApp Automation in the Hospitality industry

Use of whasapp automation in healthcare industry
Use of whasapp automation in healthcare industry

1.Bookings and Inquiries 


Appointment booking
Appointment booking

Booking of appointments for checkups,test,consultaion and if any kind of enquiries are coming from patient for any kind of emergency or any kind illeness if these process are done from website it will be a large process and quite difficult for people because everyone is not technology friendly.

Through Whatsapp Automation

Easy booking with chat,instant confirmation,easy to reschedule appointment,24*7 customer support,better personlised help.

Cost saving,better efficiency and user experience.

2.Special offers and Promotions


Special offers and promotions

For getting more booking and appointments increasing sales through giving them more offers and promoting your hospitals through doing marketing using social media will increse a lot because the user base of social meida is very large.

Use of Whatsapp Automation

Sending personal message to customers with offers scheduling marketing campaign on whatsapp letting more people to know about it.

3.Emergency Communication

In case if any patient or any other people some kind of emergency came then 24*7 Doctor consultation must be avilable quickly for early first aid help.

Use of Whatsapp Automation in Emergency Case

Through whatsapp automation it wil easy for the staff they will get to know emergency alerts,Informing family memebers about eergency,urgent sending request for medicine getting updates about checkups and all.

4.Check in and Check out messages

If there is prebooking of hospital bed or any emergency booking the check in procees of patient and easily check out or departure of them without any kind of issues or clashes.

Use of Whatsapp Automation in patient’s Check in and Check out

If there is any booking informing patient,s priorly through whatsapp message about the needs of document all the detailed description of rooms,doctors etc.

After the treatment is completed easy check out process with all the reports available both in hard and soft copy and informing them on whtsapp if any requirement for checkups.

5. Health Checkup Camps Update



Healthy tips
Healthy tips

Sending bulk campaign to people about how to be fit and healthy.

Updating about health camps if they are going to organise to gather large people.

Use of Whatsapp Automation in Health Checkup Camps Update

Using of whatsapp automation for sending healthy tips to the patient how to be fit we can even categories people accoding to the past illness and schedule bulk campaign according to their medical history.

If hospital are going to organise any bootcamps of health checkup on any disese then sending people if there will be free checkups or any discount prizes on test and consutation through personalised message.


The healthcare industry are booming , using technology’s for smooth processes. WhatsApp automation in hospitals smmothen booking, promotions, emergency communication, and check-in/out. It enhances patient experience, reduces costs, and ensures 24/7 customer support. Personalized messages for promotion, special offers, while emergency alerts hep quick responses. Health checkup updates.Automation ease communication, making healthcare reachable,and efficient, improving the digital age’s for improved patient care, engagement, and overall operational experience.To know more about the whatsapp automation you can visit my previous blog

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FAQs on Whatsapp Automation?

1.Best whatsapp automation tool for healthcare industry?

There are many but mostly used are:

  • Twilio API
  • MessageBird
  • Gupshup

2.Upto what extent you can increase your profit by making your process   automated?

Upto 3x you can increase your sales by using technology.

3.How you can start your journey to automate your business?

To start your journey you whatsapp aitomation you have to use whastapp business and for full guidance and help you can visit website .



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