How to Automate WhatsApp for Business?

WhatsApp Business Automation
WhatsApp Business Automation

Automating WhatsApp for Business is a way to use technology to send messages and tasks automatically. It is being set up to answer common questions, send automated answer or inform customers about their orders. This helps save time and provide quick and uniform responses to customers.

Types of Whatsapp Automation for Business

Customer Service Automation

This includes automatically answering common questions on WhatsApp, sending order updates, and providing quick responses.

Uses of Whatsapp automation
Uses of Whatsapp automation

Appointment Reminders

Organizations/Businesses can send automated appointment reminders,messages to customers about there bookings and appointments.

Broadcast Messages

Sending bulk messages to the contacts to tell them about some latest offers, opening.

Survey and Feedback Automation

Sending survey forms through automated messages to customers so that businesses/organisations will get a feedback.

Lead Generation

Using automated chat bots to get the information about the customers and generate leads through Facebook/Instagram Ads. 

E-commerce Order Processing

Through automated messaging on whatsapp the customers get confirmation or updates about the order.

AI Chat bots

AI-powered chat bots help to handle various task like answering continuously to customers question.

Follow-up and Drip Campaigns

Sending automated follow-up messages to customers and trying to convert them increase the sales funnel. 

Step to automate WhatsApp for Business, follow these general steps

  1. Download and install the WhatsApp Business app
  2. Create Message Templates/FAQ,s as per your business.
  3. Quick Replies and message 
  4. Labels and Filters
  5. Broadcast Lists

Ways to Automate Whatsapp for business 

WhatsApp Business API

Larger businesses/organzation automate there whatsapp to answer automatically to bulk messages or queries.

Chat bots

AI-powered chat bots that can help with regularly coming inquiries, give information,and help customers every minute. 

Third-party Tools

Many companies offer automation services for WhatsApp Business, allowing you to arrange messages and set up automated responses.

E-commerce Integration

Use automation to confirm customer orders, send status updates, and handle customer inquiries for online businesses.

Benefits of using automated whatsapp for business

Efficiency: Automation saves time of human and gives more time to focus on their other works. 

Consistency: Automate messages give a good customer experience,and ensure that the customers get the exact answer according to there questions.

Cost-Effective:Automation reduces the need for manual labour which helps in cost savings in customer service. 

Scalability: It is easier to handle a high volume of customer query making it beneficial for growing businesses.

Sector in which we are using automated WhatsApp for business 

Sectors of whatsapp automation for business
whatsapp automation for business


Many E-commerce organization are using it for order confirmations, delivery updates etc.


In health care industry WhatsApp automation helps in appointments scheduling and its reminders, patient support or education after operation,remote patient monitoring.

Banking and Finance

Banks and financial organizations uses WhatsApp automation for balance requests and customer care support.

Travel and Hospitality

They use WhatsApp automation for booking confirmations, travel updates, and customer help.


Retailers send automated messages for item proposals, advancements, and request refreshes through WhatsApp.

Food and Delivery

They use WhatsApp automation for request following, about there orders, and customer requests.


Educational institutions use WhatsApp to keep students and parents informed, including automated attendance reminders and test results.

Customer Service

Different organizations uses  automated WhatsApp for general customer care requests, investigating,and helping.

How is Customer experience using automated whatsapp for business? 

Customers appreciate the convenience of automated Whats App for Business, which provides quick responses, order updates, and personalized message . The uniform communication increase satisfaction, making it easier for customers to engage with businesses and get the information they need efficiently, ultimately leading to a positive overall customer experience.


WhatsApp Business automation is a way to use technology to send messages and tasks automatically. This can help businesses save time and provide quick and consistent responses to customers.There are many benefits to using automated WhatsApp for business, including efficiency, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.It is being used in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, banking, travel, retail, food delivery, and education.Overall, automated WhatsApp for business can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes to improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


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