How to Add An Image On WordPress Sidebar

WordPress Sidebar

Images can do wonder to your blog or article if placed correctly. One image could be worth a thousand words or more that.

A picture has the power to turn your normal, regular blog post into an amazing blog.


Most of the WordPress bloggers and site owners have a general question “How do I add an image to my WordPress sidebar?”

Sidebar Widget is one of the most attractive parts of your website. By adding an image to it you are making it more attractive and pleasant.

Adding an image to WordPress posts and pages is easy. Adding an image to the sidebar can be a little harder but in this article will show you how to easily add an image in your WordPress sidebar widget.

There are three options to add images in your site’s sidebar

  • Use an image widget
  • Use a plugin
  • Add it manually (use a text widget)

Use an image widget

The easiest way to add an image in WordPress sidebar is by using the ‘image widget’. It is the most recommended especially if you don’t have technical knowledge.

An earlier version of WordPress doesn’t have this option. the WordPress image widget was introduced in WordPress 4.8, alongside the video & audio widgets.

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Image. Then drag and drop it to your sidebar or you can simply click on the image.

Now upload the image from your library and fill the basic details (image setting) like Alt attribute, caption, image title, etc.

Once done, click Save and the image will be in your sidebar.

Use an image widget plugin

Another way to add images to your WordPress sidebar is by using a plugin. Install and activate the Image Widget plugin.

WordPress Sidebar

After activating, go to the Appearance > Widgets. You will notice a new widget labeled ‘Image Widget’.

Simply drag and drop it to your WordPress sidebar where you want to display an image.

Next, click on the ‘Select Image’ button to upload an image from the media library or you can directly upload it from the built-in media uploader.

After that, you need to click on the ‘Insert to Widget’ button and you will see the image preview under widget settings.

Here you’ll also have the option to change the image settings. You can add/change the title, alt text, caption, link, alignment and, image size.

Once you’re done click ‘Save’. Now you can go to your website to see how the image displayed in your sidebar.

Use a text widget

The text widget is one of the most versatile widgets in WordPress. Using the text widget allows for more control and customization over the HTML code.

You can add HTML code via a text widget.

First of all, you need to upload the image that you want to see in your sidebar to your WordPress site.

For that, go to the Media/Library > Add New and upload the image.

A new window with image information will pop up, copy the image URL and paste it somewhere for later use.

Now, go to the Appearance/Widget tab and drag-drop a text widget to the sidebar.

In the text box area of the widget, add your image using this line of code:

<img src=”Paste The File URL Here” alt=”paste alt text here” />

WordPress Sidebar

After you’re done click on the Save button to save your widget.

That’s all from my side. Hopefully, this article would help you to add an image in the WordPress sidebar widget.

If you know any better way, tell us in the comment box.


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