How to 10x your conversions with paid search?


Paid search is the most rapid way to increase the traffic but conversion at a rapid pace is important.So many people spend money on paid ads but knowing it how many leads are generated from it and how many are relevant that is the most important part.

In current time more than 50 percent of businesses are using paid ads for there businesses but few of them are getting good results of conversion.So our aim is not only to create traffic but to do the conversion at 10x rate.So here is your guide to get at conversion at 10x rate.


What is Magnetic paid search?
Magnet means attracting opposite and repelling same but in magnet paid search through digital platforms (google ads,Facebook,Instagram) it is attracting the same people and repelling the opposite for the business profit and high pace conversions.

Hidden Tricks to boost your conversion upto 10x with paid searches

1.Hyper targeted keyword in paid searches 



-Go beyond the keyword if you are selling shoes you will use shoes then you are targeting a large audience which is not relevant .Try to be specific if you add adjective with your product like running shoes,walking shoes then people will look more because if you running any paid ads think yourself as a buyer because if i want shoes i will search with specific words because there are many types of shoes.

-Block useless keywords like shoes you are selling of adult and the keywords is there is of kids and by doing this the prize you are investing will be more accurate

-Try to always showcase your product like highlight the quality like waterproof,hiking long lasting etc.

2.Conversion centric website page for paid searches 


Conversion Centric page
Conversion Centric page

-People like to visit those places or website which are very easy to use give good user experience.Likewise if your website is looking good it will beneficial for you because people looks cover moreover written text.

-Website should align ad and contain hyper targeted keyword with less distractions.

-Always try to highlight the benefit of the product what customer want try to think of buyers persona.

-Make it easy for the person to buy it with less steps,clear to call actions,optimize for mobile.

-If we are searching for party wear dress i want to order from my phone if it giving the exact search what i want and it hardly take a minute to order then the chances of customer to revisit is must.

3. Bid Optimization Strategies for paid searches 


Automated bidding
Automated bidding

-Advise Google the amount you want to pay for each new customers and allowed google AI to deal with the offering.

-Allow Google algorithm to utilize real time information to set bid for better clicks and impressions if you have a lot of data.

-Make these options manually like season of day, gadget, or area to get the best value for your money.

-Suppose if you want to buy a pair of shoes and under some small amount of money you will start scrolling online search the google AI will set the prize according to your need will give best deal in the same way if you are running paid ads on it it has some algorithm to set budget for your ads and give best result. 

4. Re-marketing Powerhouse

-Try to reconnect with the lost leads who haven’t purchase anything only added in there cards give them a great offer that make them to think a chances are high to buy.

-Try to notice the data of the audiences who are reaching to your website like there age,income,interest and there search keywords and set your ad preferences according to it.

-Instead of reaching large audience it will be a great approach and it will incerse conversion rate by 10x.

-Give them free trails.

5.Irresistible Ad Copy writing


Example of ads
Example of ads

-Instead of showing the importance of your product its feature try to highlight try to target the main point of customer like for a shoes saying it waterproof you can highlight it no wetting of shoes in rain.

-Try to target the emotions of the public which help them to relate with there lives.

-Like if someone want to buy a shoes for hiking then you can make run ads of best shoes for hiking for new adventure.


In this blog we have discussed how we increase our conversion rate through paid leads by hyper targeting the keywords,trying to make a emotional connection through audience  with ads, instead of making reach global making it precise according to the interest of the people and then applying it.Instead of showing good about our products try to highlight it by adding something adventures.




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