How Marketing Automation Can be used to Engage Past Clients

Engage Past Clients

Customer engagement is the best indicator of a customer’s feeling about your brand. It shows how much customer like your product/service or likely to choose you to do business with your company.

When it comes to engage past clients, you need to measure all sort of metrics like page views, time on site, open rates, click through rate so that you can improve your strategy in order to make a client happy and satisfied.


If you have tried your best possible way to engage past clients and still did not succeed I will show you how to do it with the help of marketing automation technology and how to use it to drive an effective email to follow up a campaign.

Encourage them to join the community

When a customer stops using your service, don’t lose your interest on them. Instead thank them for being your customer, apologies to a customer who is hurt.

Offer them a feedback form, ask them to fill that form. Tell you why they stop using your brand, why they are unhappy and what you can do to improve service.

One more thing you can do is to invite them (ex-customer) to join your community and feel free to provide some valuable input.

Remember you don’t have to lose your customer forever. You still need to keep in touch with them because they could still need your product in the future.

It can be tricky to invite someone who is no more your customer. However, by providing various benefits like discounts, free shipping, loyalty programs, etc., you can convince them to join your community.

Segment audience to reduce low open rate

When you use automated marketing software you can get to know how a past customer interacted with your brand. But have you ever used this information to follow up with your audience? It is far better to send personalized emails to each former buyer than to send a blast emails to them.

You can send personalized emails by segmenting your past customers based on their interaction with you.

Personalized emails have 18.1% open rate compared to 13.1% for non-personalized emails. This can be really effective as you are sending them emails based their interest and need.

For example, if your past client has been buying mostly denim shirt from your eCommerce store, you need to send them emails based on this. Because such a customer is more likely to buy again from you if you send them the offer regarding the denim session.

Asking feedback? Pair it with reward

Who doesn’t like a reward, isn’t it? Loyal and happy customers are the backbone of the profitable business. And every customer will be happy if you reward the

According to Yotpo report, 18.5 more customers will review your product if they’ll be getting any reward.

Rewards like coupons, discounts, and special offer can be paired with a request for review, survey or feedback form. For example, you can send a survey form along with a gift voucher and ask them to fill in order to redeem that voucher.

Most customers trust user reviews more than any other company’s sales copy.

Use past behavior and purchase history to drive interaction

To follow up with past customers, to go through the data you have gathered about them, previous transactions and behaviors. If you want to have a better interaction with a past customer then you must review their past activities.

According to Bia Kelsey, 61% of SMBs report that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers, rather than new business.

Through marketing automation, it is easy to do this without any stress. Like, a customer bought some music player from you a month ago, this is an opportunity to ask them about the performance of music player and if they are facing any issue regarding it.

The best rule to engage past clients is to get them involved. You can have good conversations with your past customers built on their past transactions.

At last

If you are spending a lot of money acquiring new customers, then you have to improvise your marketing strategy because marketing automation tool does it in a cheaper way.

It takes 5 to 25 times more effort to acquire a new customer than to keep a current customer. It is profitable for your business to retain a customer.

Automation technology gives you a lot of useful information about your customers, use that data wisely and you’ll be able to have a loyal customer who does not only buy from you but also recommend your product to more people.


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