How Agencies Can Help Clients to Create Better Email Campaign

Email campaign

Being an agency, it is important for you to look for new opportunities to add value to your client business. After all, maintaining a good relationship with a client is one of the important motos of an agency and client relationships are the lifeblood of an agency.

Email marketing is one of the most popular channels for businesses to communicate with their potential lead/customer.


But you must be wondering where do agencies fit into the equation?

This article will help you to understand how agencies help their clients to create better email campaign and build stronger relationships in the process.

By following these steps, you’ll surely make your clients more successful and keep them coming back to you again.

Perform an Email Content Audit

Most of the businesses are using email marketing in some of the other ways but, that doesn’t mean they are doing a good job. That goes for your client as well.

The best way to start helping clients with email marketing strategy is by performing an email content audit. You should take a close look at their past email campaigns and look at what email marketing practices they are following.

You should be looking at the following areas:

  • Are their emails synchronize with the rest of their brand?: All of your client’s emails should be consistent with their website and with their business/brand. This can include logo, content and even illustrations or images.
  • Are they drafting emails with a clear goal?: Make sure your client’s customer should not be left wondering why they received a particular email. There should always be a clear goal behind the email and why a certain person is getting that email.
  • Are they including actionable CTAs?: Your client’s customer should not be left wondering what they have to do once they receive an email.  There should always be a clear CTAs which guide them what action they have to perform next or where they have to click to proceed further.
Teach Email Content Best Practices

After the audit, you will have a better idea of what practice to continue and what areas your clients need to improve. This is where your expertise as an agency required.

To start, create a training plan and set recommendations that will help your clients to create better email marketing campaign, these recommendations will teach the clients about the best marketing campaign practices.

You should include the following points:

Brand Consistency: It should be clear to your client’s customer that from where they are getting an email. Brand consistency provides context for the recipient, which save their time in figuring out where the email came from. Consistency also builds trust with recipients because they know what to expect when they open an email.

Email Design: People inboxes are flooded with emails, every day they receive too many emails, so in order to stand out in the crowded inbox, the design of your email should be attractive and unique.

Identify Potential Template: By identifying emails template that follows a similar structure of your goal, you create templates that minimize the amount of time your client need to spend on those emails creation.

This also makes it easier to train clients on implementing the recommendation. You can create template according to you using marketing tool.

Create a Segmentation Strategy: As an agency, you should look at your client’s contact database and segment them into smaller and more relevant segment. It is not good for your clients to send same email campaigns to their entire list of contacts.

Strategize segmentation according to your client’s database. Segmentation makes email content personalization much easier and leads to higher engagement because the content in emails is more relevant to the recipients.

You can segment database on n number of ways but some common segmentation methods are:
  • Geographical factor
  • Old customer vs new customer
  • Purchase behavior
  • Lead scoring

It’s important that you work with your client to figure out which segments will work best for their business.

Test and improve: Email marketing is a never-ending process, it’s a continuous process that involves continuous improvement.

Make sure you help your client to analyze the performance of their email campaign. This will help reinforce their trust in your agency and improve their ROI.


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