Here’s Why Marketing Automation Fails

Why Marketing Automation Fails

Marketing Automation isn’t a silver bullet. By just implementing marketing automation in your business, you can’t win the race overnight. Certainly, it can do a lot of great things but unfortunately, it is a machine. It can’t listen to all your customer feedback or doesn’t have a voice to deliver customer queries.

At the end of the day, Marketing Automation is software whose automated actions are set by humans. It always needs a human follow-up and tracking (thats why marketing automation fails). Just like a car is driven by a human driver, regardless of how automated the car might be.


Many businesses have a dropdown in their sales funnel after implementing Marketing Automation. Can you guess, Why? Here I have drafted a few reasons behind why Marketing Automation fails.

Poor Marketing Automation Tool

There is an enormous number of marketing automation tools available in the market and it can be laborious for you to find the best one. Every tool will not consist of all the features you require. If you have a poor marketing automation tool, then, unfortunately, you landed yourself into the list of people saying MA is not worth to go. Before going for any marketing automation software, be sure that you have answers to these questions.

  • What is the metrics for tracking throughout the customer journey that can be measured?
  • Does the platform also have mobile configuration?
  • Limit for database contacts?
  • Support and training are free or paid?
  • Are reports flexible?
  • What integrations does it consist of?
  • Overall cost including hidden fees and taxes
Undefined Goals

Do you know if your business is aiming for sign-ups, form fill-ups, surveys, leads or sales? Well, the ultimate goal is always associated with your sales. But there are certain steps involved before maturing your leads. Having clear goals and objectives will help you when establishing, maintaining and improving your campaign over time. This will help you to keep your entire team on track throughout the procedure. Try to empower your sales by a steady supply of leads generated with powerful intelligence.

Lack of Understanding with Customers

Setting up software or running campaigns simply won’t help you, until you do not understand your customers. Every effort that you make to build your business from creating content, publishing content, designing landing pages and emails you send will not make a difference before knowing your customers. Everything that you do must be enticing and compelling for your customers. Say, you are running a business fashion industry so your customers definitely look content and stuff related to fashion or cosmetics, etc.

Lack of Planning & Content

Before executing your marketing automation, you must have a strategic plan. There are various steps involved in your sales funnel to convert leads into sales. Make sure you follow all the steps. The sales team is always hungry for their leads but if you have a very little content with no tracking process, then you will end up flunking yourself. Create a marketing automation strategy and discuss with your team how to pursue leads. Keep in mind the goals associated with your overall strategy.

Inappropriate Utilization of the Software

Many features are built in the software which your team may not be able to find and utilize. To avoid such circumstance, you should contact the software’s support and learn everything about the software. How appropriately you can utilize it. Which features you can track and which you cannot. If you have not seen even 10% of growth in your revenues after implementing marketing automation in your business, this means you are not utilizing the tool efficiently.

Automating Everything

Between generating lead and sales conversion, there is a major step of “Lead Nurturing”. If you automate your leads, which will directly transfer the leads generated to the sales team, your customers before even purchasing may get annoyed. Always before automating the leads to the sales team, nurture them manually. Communicate with them and see if they are really interested in your product.

Have your Marketing Automation strategy failed ever? If yes, it is time to check out the above steps in your business and find out why marketing automation fails.

If you’d like to integrate “Marketing Automation” into your business, but lacks the technical expertise to do it yourself, we at are happy to help you out and lend you our expertise.


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