Guide to Start using Facebook Marketing Ads

Guide-To-Facebook-marketing ads
Guide-To-Facebook-marketing ads

Facebook marketing ads are a powerful tool, leveraging the platform’s large user base. It helps businesses to enhance the visibility and sales of their products, services, and brands. Through targeted ads, you can reach diverse global audiences, with precise research and whole performance analysis.

Why do businesses use Facebook marketing ads?

There are many reasons to use it for marketing as huge audience reach, the precise target of audiences, and a variety of ad formats, and many more to know more about the benefits of Facebook marketing ads visit my blog Benefits of Facebook marketing ads.


Facebook ADs manager

For running an ad the business must create a Facebook business page and then an ad manager account. It helps you to create, manage, and track your Facebook marketing ads.

How to create a Facebook ADs manager?

Create account

Facebook ad manager
Facebook ad manager

If you don’t have an account then create your account by clicking create an account on

Add payment method

Add payment method
Add payment method

If you will run ads online you must give valid payment proof like credit or debit card details

Connect account


After creating an account you must connect your Facebook business page to Facebook ad manager.

After the account is set up for creating and running ads follow these steps:

Define your objective

Aim of the campaign
The aim of the campaign

It means if you want sales from your ads or want to do marketing like brand awareness, and visibility this will help you to run a better campaign.

Set your Facebook Manager account  

Set up your account on Facebook Manager which helps you to manage all the marketing activities and make sure you have an active Facebook business page. Sometimes this happens when you forget your access to the Facebook business page you can also regain it.

Create Campaign

With the help of an ad manager create and choose campaigns and then select your objectives for the ads and then define the demographics of ads like which age group, interests of the audiences, and past visitors of the website.

The more precisely you set these demographics more the chances of reaching the right audiences.

Set Ad Budget and schedule

Set Ad Budget
Set Ad Budget

After you set all the demographics of the ads you will make a daily budget for paid Facebook ads and schedule a time when you want to run your ads 

Design your ads


Create ads
Create ads

Here you will show your creativity by choosing types of ad formats like videos images and the type of content you want and adding a call to action where you will tell the user to contact you.

Review and publish Design your ads

After all the settings are done you can review your content or take a review from the staff and then run it on your Facebook business page.

For better experiences, you can connect your Facebook business page to WhatsApp.


Facebook marketing ads are a powerful tool for businesses, utilizing the platform effectively to boost visibility and sales. The main reasons for businesses choose Facebook marketing ads include their ability to reach a global audience, target specific demographics precisely, and utilize a variety of ad formats. To use these benefits, businesses must shift to the Facebook Ads Manager.



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