Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the communication apps offered by Google. It was originally launched in 2016 along with Allo a mobile messaging app (which was shut down by Google).

After only being available on Chromebooks, iOS and Android, Google has begun rolling out the web version of Google Duo. This means users can make and place calls on the web, but the person must be registered with the Duo to receive a call. It will make easier for users to chat on many different devices.


To get started with Duo on the web, you just need to log into your Google Account and go to the Duo website and that’s it, no authentication or QR code is required. While new users will be invited to sign up by verifying their phone number.

If you already have an account on Duo, when you’ll sign in you’ll see a search box with a list of contacts who are using Duo.

If someone calls you, while you are on your computer, you’ll get a browser notification.  

The recently released Duo’s web client works in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers but isn’t supported Microsoft’s Edge browser.

OnePlus has announced that it will make Duo it preferred video calling app. As for Allo, Google said, it will bring Google Assistant to Android Messages before the shutdown of Allo.

Also, the service won’t be available initially in all countries.

Nevertheless, it is good that one of the easiest and most reliable video-calling apps now supports both web and mobile.


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