Google Analytics 4 VS Universal Analytics complete guide

Guide to Google Analytics 4
Guide to Google Analytics 4

In today’s era of digital transformation, where change is constant and AI is a significant change, Google has also evolved its analytics platform, changing from Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3) to advanced Google Analytics 4.

In this blog, we will discuss GA4 completely and discuss the differences from GA3.


What is Google Analytics 4?

It’s an analytical platform that helps you measure the traffic and engagement across your website. It’s like a super-powered detective for metrics measurement.

GA4 does not just see how many visitors visited your website it gives you the whole picture like how many people clicked, watched videos purchased anything. Gives an in-depth data knowledge of the customer’s behavior.

It also tells who are actual customers what will be their next move with the use of machine learning algorithms this is just like further predictions of what customers can think to do this will help you in marketing.

How to set up Google Analytics 4?

To set up GA4 it may vary like if you want to track your website or an app.

Create account

Create account on GA4
Create an account on GA4

If you already have an account then continue with that if not then create your Google Analytics account.

Add a new property

Create property
Add Property


In this click the “Admin” option and create property select GA4. Then verify your website URL.Set your data-sharing option.

Data streaming

Data streaming on GA4
Data streaming on GA4

This will tell GA4 where to collect data for the website or the app. Then see the measurement details and platform settings.

Tracking code

Tracking code on GA4
Tracking code on GA4

If tracking is for a website then you have to add a “Java script code” to your website page and for the app, you have to “integrate GA4 into your app code”.

Verify your Domain or app

Verify your Domain or app 
Verify your Domain or app

For a website, it involves uploading a “meta tag or an HTML File” and for an app, you have to verify your “developer console”.

Measure Data

Measure Data 
Measure Data

Once everything is set up you can start tracking your data flows and configure the reports.

Comparison between Google Analytics 4 (GA4) VS Universal Analytics (GA3)3. Tracking Report


1. Tracking approach 

2. Cross-Platform

3. Tracking Report Future Benefits of GA4 

4. Future use 

Future Benefits of GA4 Now comes the bigger question is this a great idea to shift to Google Analytics 4 over Universal Analytics?

It provides a hyper-personalized user experience by predicting the real-time behavior of the customers and suggesting personalized content to them.

It does a 360-degree analysis of the data including all the platforms from integrating voice assistants to measuring the behavior of the customers.

Now comes the bigger question is this a great idea to shift to Google Analytics 4 over Universal Analytics? Conclusion

The answer is yes it’s just only a great idea but it is a necessity of the business because GA3 is sunsetting in July 2024 so we must start getting habitual of using GA4 for better insights and future prediction using customer behavior, proactive problem solving, and improved decision making.


In today’s time of digital transformation where everything is changing, google has also changed its analytics from GA3 to Google Analytics 4.GA4 is an analytical platform to measure the traffic and engagement of the website. GA4 is better than GA3 in many aspects from its customer journey, to tracking reports. There are many benefits of GA4 it helps in the future prediction of customers’ life cycles and gives us in-depth knowledge of the customer visiting the page to buy anything helping marketing.


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