Free Social Media Management Software

Social Media Management Software

1- SMhack

SMhack is simple and easy to use social media management software developed by Pravin Kumar. The team had the vision to make social media management easy for the team and marketers. The solution is easy priced and feature-rich which makes it perfect for SMBs.Perfect solution for marketers as the interface is robust and simple to get used to in the first go. The software has introduced pricing for agencies as well and it can really give competition to any of the software in terms of pricing.


  • Inbox
  • Compose
  • Analytics
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Content Library
  • Awe Creative
  • Spin Modern

Why Should we consider this?

SMhack is one of the easiest priced solution with strong built-in features like competitor tracking, customer engagement, reports, direct access to social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Huge content library which helps you post relevant content on regular basis and enhance your reach to the right audience. Easy to use with relevant pricing makes it a perfect software for SMBs along with agencies to at least give a try once and evaluate further according to their own user experience.


2- SumAll

SumAll is social media management software to manage audience, interest, engagements and reach of the target audience. It lets you post content to multiple social media accounts at a single time. The software also lets you manage multiple social accounts with great ease via a single screen. Being a new product the focus is more on getting new users rather than offering high prices so the product is free as of now.


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Follower Analysis
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Report Exporting
  • Report Customizability
  • Paid Campaign Tracking

Why Should We consider this?

SumAll really helps you to connect with all social media accounts and manage click metrics, reach and engagement rates of your audiences. It is free of cost and also provides you with daily metrics of the product. The software helps you manage all your social accounts from one place and post relevant content. It can be a great choice for SMBs considering both pricing and features.


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